Tadoba Accommodation – Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to the National Park

The Tadoba National Park is located on the erstwhile locations of the Central Provinces. The National Park lies on the confines of the Chimur Hills (comprising of Mohurli and Kolsa Ranges). The topography is simply of undulating nature that comprises of hills being densely covered, with belts of bamboo and mixed forests. It is the river beds, small grassy meadows and deep valleys that make the environment perfectly apt for many different life forms and rare species.  

The Project Tiger Reserve

Tadoba is famous for its Tiger Reserve. The total area for the Tiger Reserve Project is about 1,727 square kilometer. However, the core area is approximately 626 square kilometers while the remaining 1101 square kilometer spread for the buffer zone. Remember, the core area is marked as the critical zone for tiger habitat that is subjected to intense conservation measures. As a result, human foot presence is minimal in this specific part of the national reserve. However, in other areas of the national reserve, tigers can be spotted.  

The major attraction spots

The major areas of attraction in the Tadoba National Reserve are Kolsa Lake, Andhari River, Junoria Lake, Erai Dam and Tadoba Lake. The presence of so many water bodies helps in providing fresh water supply all throughout the year. Apart from the minor water bodies, there are also creeks and rivulets that exist in confines of the dense forests, within the hills and plains. Man-made dams and water holes also help in creating a life sustaining environment. All these factors easily prove the prolific bio-diversity of this national park region

The accommodation options

Resorts at Tadoba National Park are available in plenty. Earlier, the options were not much to look out for. However, the initiatives taken by the Forest Department, in collaboration with the Maharashtrian Government, has made it possible to open some high-quality accommodation options in different parts of Tadoba. These are all budget accommodation options, with the facility of food and jungle safari, all included under different package deals.

The rich flora and fauna in Tadoba

The Tadoba National Park is covered with the Southern Dry Deciduous forests. However, the regions experience mixed floral types, with bamboo and teak dominating the region. Some of the other associates include tendu, dhawa, mahua, haldu, bija, semal, kurlu, Lyndia, ber, char, mahua, harra, dhawa, and bahera to name a few. Grasslands are extremely scarce while you can find dense forests covering the hillsides. Coming to fauna, the National Park is home to not only tigers, but several other mammals, insects, and reptiles. Fox, hyena, wolf, bison, wild dongs, sloth bears, leopards, jungle cat, rusty spotted cat, and jackals are available in plenty. There are also a wide range of different deer species available like, Nilgai, barking deer, sambar, chinkara, four-horned deer, and spotted dear. More frequently seen in the National Park are the rhesus macaque, peacock, languor monkeys, and wild boar.    

The closest urban city to Tadoba is Nagpur. Once you reach Nagpur, you can hire a safari to reach Kolara Gate, the nearest Tadoba National Park Gate from Nagpur (100 km from Nagpur).  However, the Moharli Gate is 150 km from Nagpur.

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