A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Cutting Expenses to a Bare Minimum

Though leaving everything behind has never been easier, the digital nomad lifestyle is far from a breeze. Restless freelancers might not share our usual worries, but that still doesn’t mean that they are trouble-free. Largely financial, their concerns urge them to stay smart, calculated, and most importantly, frugal.

If you’re determined to take up the challenge, this is an opportunity to learn how to travel far and live cheap. We’ve gathered some tips.

1. Stay One Step Ahead

Working remotely is all about cutting loose and staying independent, but it still requires plenty of careful planning. In fact, that’s the only way of making it work! In order to party hard, you’ll need to work hard first, so start drafting and arranging your itinerary right away.

You’ll need to stay at least one step ahead of yourself and think about transportation, accommodation and basic living costs in advance. Being spontaneous is tempting but risky, so always do a research before you take off for the next destination.

2. Choose Cheap Destinations

Speaking of which, the digital nomad community teams with seasoned freelancers that are more than glad to share their experience and give you a piece of advice or two. Be sure to consult them, especially when choosing a perfect destination to settle in for a while.

The NomadList is still unparalleled when it comes to actionable tips of this kind. It’s empowered with numerous research filters that will help you make the best and cheapest decision possible. Wherever your promised land might be, remember to double check every single price, from lodging to nearby cafes to work from.   

3. Book Early

The sooner you make your arrangements, the better! Learn to use travel booking platforms, never forget to compare prices and make reservations at least a couple of months ahead. It may be an inconvenience for your free spirit, but it’s certainly worth the sacrifice.

Also, remember that every airline company offers some kind of special deal from time to time, so subscribe to their email newsletters to stay informed. Always read the fine print, beware the additional fees and travel light.

4. Pack the Essentials

Packing is always a fresh topic in the digital nomad world, and our general advice is to make your survival kit minimal and compact. Besides, you won’t be needing anything but a hosting server and a cloud anyway, so don’t waste your money on something you’ll eventually have to leave behind.

Include a backup computer, though, just in case. Chargers are indispensable, just as well as Wi-Fi boosters, so tag them along too. Being able to run a business from a single computer is one the best perks of the digital age, but it simultaneously raises a safety issue. Do everything in your power to keep your software secure, and ensure your hardware as well.   

Finally, enjoy simple pleasures, wherever you are. Digital nomadism is all about collecting experiences, and most of the best ones are usually free of charge. Stay savvy and carry on.

About the Author

Nick Colakovic works for firstsiteguide.com. He’s passionate about helping other bloggers take their craft to the next level and likes to help newbies understand the joy of being online.