5 Beautiful Villages for Rural India Vacation

If you want to explore the true face of India, just exploring the metropolitans and strolling through the heritage monuments is not enough, the true India lies in its villages. Peek into the colorful and the straight forward life of rural India this vacation at the following places:

The Betel Cultivation of Mawlynnong, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

Located very near to the Bangladesh border, this quaint village is famed as the cleanest village of Asia. The place is also known for its wide betel leave cultivation. Breathe in some fresh and unpolluted air of the hills and enjoy the pleasant weather of Meghalaya here. Also, called as God’s Own Garden, Mawlynnong attracts tourists to watch the soulful beauty of nature from the Sky Walk, which is 80 feet high Machan. The Living Root Bridge and Natural Balancing Rock are the other tourist attractions. Adventure lovers can also a single day trek through the dense forests of the village

The Divinity of Ghanerao – Pali District, Rajasthan

Visit the place of the great devotee of Lord Krishna at Ghanerao. Meera Bai resided here and her palace is at present known as the Meera Bai castle. You can also visit the Ghanerao Royal Castle. This hamlet of peace is dotted with beautiful temples, lush green landscape and rich flora and fauna. The Laxminath Temple, Annapurna Hanuman Temple, Bileshwar Mahadeo Temple, Badala Kuldevi and Selimata Mandir being the most famous.

The Rich Culture of Hodka – Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

This place is also known for its uniquely designed dress materials. Besides its rich dress materials, the place is also popular for its melodious music and art. The Banni grasslands provide you a respite from the daily hassles of life. Chitchat with the locals to know interesting facts and myths related to the Rann of Kutch.

The Rural Olympics of Kila Raipur – Ludhiana District, Punjab

Located just at 15 km’s from Ludhiana, Kila Raipur is the sports capital of rural India. This place celebrates the rural Olympics with interesting sports like Bull Race, camel race, tractor race and dog race. This event is one of its own kinds in the world and hence people from around the globe visit and participate in the event. This event is organized every year for a day in the month of February.

The Bright Apparels of Pipli – Puri, Orissa

Puri is famous for its sea beach and its nearby village area of Pipli is popular for its appliqued apparels. You not only get the opportunity to buy pieces of these rich dress materials here but also have the chance to watch the artists make these; these are generally made by the local tribes, namely,  Sithulias, Balkati, Kansaris and Kantilo. Besides applique designs, Pipli is also known for its handbags, canopies and umbrellas. The place also practices another unique form of art, known as Dokra. In this art, jewelry and home decor are prepared from brass and bell metal. Here you can also spot some Dutch and Portuguese churches and towers.

Hence, make this holiday special visiting the real life of India at its villages. Here the air is fresh and the food served is delicious; nature is blissful and hearts are warm with hospitality.

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