Top 5 U.S. Destinations for Travel Nurses

We know that nurses are in high demand all across the United States. Many nurses are choosing to take advantage of that need by traveling with their nursing degree in order to help different hospitals while also building their resume and experience. Travel nursing also comes with an added perk: travel. For those that love the experience and exploring the world around them, this profession is perfect. It allows nurses to gain work experience and world experience by seeing many different places while earning money, building their resume, and helping hospitals in need of nurses. However, not all travel nursing experiences are created equal and some destinations offer different experiences than others. Whether its salary, entertainment, or culture, each city offers something different to the travel nurses residing there.


California is beautiful, fun, and pays their travel nurses well. With baby boomers retiring and leaving a ton of jobs open for nurses, there are a ton of opportunities to fill the nursing gap that they will leave. For this reason, nursing salaries are on the rise. Travel nurses are paid well in general, and California is paying nurses better than a lot of places. Not only that, but California is a giant state with a ton of possibilities. San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego are cities with high salary possibilities. Not only that, but there’s a ton of activities to do to experience the culture: surfing, nightlife, hiking, and shopping. No matter what you’re into, California has it. This is the perfect location to make good money while living in a location with a ton of possibilities.

Spend the week hanging your scrubs in an amazing hospital in California, and spend your weekends in the beautiful California weather. Visit the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, explore Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, visit Jack London Square in Oakland, or visit an aquarium in Long Beach. California offers a ton of entertainment and a chill atmosphere, so it’s a top destination for travel nurses.


There are many large and favorited hospitals within Vermont that make it a top travel destination for nurses. It’s ranked as being friendly and full of opportunities for nursing specialties. Vermont is also a walk through state which means that you are allowed to obtain a temporary nursing license to practice within one or two days. The career opportunities in Vermont are abundant, as are other experiences. For those that enjoy a destination that embraces the woodsy outdoors, Vermont is the perfect destination for travel nurses.

Vermont is the home to more than 100 19th century bridges. It’s a major producer of maple syrup and is covered in acres of terrain perfect for hiking or skiing. Vermont has a ton of history, is absolutely beautiful, and offers many different outdoor activities as well as career opportunities for travel nurses.


Alaska has a growing healthcare industry and a ton of demand for healthcare professionals. Travel nurses are needed and wanted in this beautiful state, so for those that don’t mind a little cold, Alaska offers the demand and experience that many nurses are looking for. Alaska doesn’t seem like your first choice in a top destination for travel nursing, but the truth of it is that the opportunity is there – along with decent pay.

Contrary to popular belief, not all areas of Alaska are covered in snow, and locals don’t live in igloos. In cities like Anchorage, there is a lot of room to grow and gain experience in a city that has so much opportunity and not as much competition. This state is also full of Alaskan Native history, rich culture, and wildlife. There are so many things to experience in Alaska that you can’t experience anywhere else.


The Boston area of Massachusetts has many top ranking hospitals and medical centers making it a top pick for many travel nurses. Both Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have earned top spots on the list for best hospitals in Massachusetts. The amount of learning and opportunity available in the healthcare field in Massachusetts is abundant, as well as a high average salary. This might be a more competitive state to work in than most, but the learning experience is worth the competitive placement process.

Along with having amazing medical facilities to aid in furthering your career path, Massachusetts is also an amazing state to live in. When traveling nurses aren’t working, they can spend time at Fenway Park, the Museum of Fine Arts, or exploring all of the amazing colonial history that this state has to offer.


Colorado is home to mountains unlike any other. The Rocky Mountains are absolutely breathtaking. Not only that, but Colorado is also home to many regionally ranked hospitals that have been recognized for various specialties and procedures. Despite the fact that Colorado doesn’t pay nurses the highest salary, it’s still a top destination due to its amazing facilities, high demand for nurses, and the experience of living in this amazing state. The cost of living in each state should influence the salary offered in each state, and the cost of living in Colorado is higher than the national average, so any position should involve a discussion about payment for travel and housing.

Even if the salary offered isn’t the highest, this state still has so much to offer in terms of living experiences. This state offers a ton of backpacking, skiing, hiking, professional sports, and art. For those looking for a resume builder as well as an amazing experience, Colorado is the place to work.

There are many different types of nurses and travel nursing is offered in many different nursing fields. There are many reasons to work as a nurse practitioner or a registered nurse, and one career path you can take in both of those fields is to become a travel nurse. Travel nursing is about experiencing many different medical facilities, learning from many different nursing professionals, and exploring many different cities in the process. Many people have it in their heart to travel, but there are few that can travel to so many places in such a short amount of time without feeling displaced and ungrounded. Travelling is one thing, but traveling nursing is a whole other animal and it’s important to find what destination is best for you and why.