5 International Places to Visit in the Wintertime

The cold chills of winter can be shunned or embraced. For journey seekers, the world offers a vast array of unique experiences for a winter adventure. When traveling abroad, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local customs and laws. Bundle up and let the season take you to one of these amazing locales this winter!

Abisko, Sweden

Nestled up near the Arctic Circle, Abisko is a curious place to visit in December and January because the sun doesn’t rise. Experience the majesty of snow blanketed darkness. Let a dogsled pulled by Huskies take you to the perfect spot to watch the incredible display that is the Aurora Borealis.

Pernik, Bulgaria

In Pernik, January brings the Masquerade Games, staged to banish evil spirits and make way for a prosperous new year. Also called the Dionysus Games, after the god of wine and ecstasy, watch folk dancers, musicians and Kukeri (elaborately costumed men) perform mystical routines to bring good fortune.

Rovaniemi, Finland

December is the best time to visit Rovaniemi, the official residence of Santa Claus. Santa’s village began when the town built a small cabin for first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who visited after World War II. Since then it has grown into a tourist attraction where you can visit Santa. The area offers much more as well. Go hiking, visit museums, and check out the Angry Birds amusement park. There’s even an amethyst mine available to tourists

Les Giettes, Switzerland

In Les Giettes, visit Whitepod Eco Hotel, which offers framed, domed tents with high tech insulation. Everything is eco-friendly and offers a unique camping/luxury hotel experience. There are groups and personalized excursions available, so you can sample the local offerings. Skiing, snow shoeing and hiking make for a truly awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind experience.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Now known for being the home of Hans Christian Anderson, Copenhagen was originally a Viking settlement and evidence of the Norse history is everywhere. See castles, museums and other architecture from the 17th century. Visit the Trivoli Amusement Park where they put on a lovely Christmastime illumination spectacle.

Embrace the bite in the air during the winter season. There are many wonderful experiences to be had that only the snow season can offer. If you have aspirations of being a true globetrotting aficionado, consider studying diplomacy; learning proper protocol will make traveling to foreign lands much less disorienting and you’ll be able to start enjoying your temporary home faster.

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