4 Ways to Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag essentially refers to a series of symptoms whereby our internal clock is disrupted as part of air travel. In other words out internal clock keeps track of day and night. It resultantly affects our hunger, mood and blood pressure.

Body clock is dependent on our exposition to light (sun). That’s how it tells the entire body is to get ‘wakey-wakey’ and get to work. In travel of long distances usually what happens is we enter different time zones and those starting at night will find their journeys ending at night, with day skipped in between.

You seem to lose account of sleep and hence our bodies feel fatigued when we land. There are many ways to combat jet lag and we list few for you as under:

1. Do Not Always Try to Sleep on the Flight

If you are leaving in the daytime at the start of your travel, do not force yourself into sleep. Instead use this time to relax or work if this is a business trip. Jet lag kicks in when you have traveled across at least two different time zones so other than that you are safe.

Hence, your decision to sleep during daytime is akin to calling jet lag upon oneself. So stay in sync with your time zone and tune your body accordingly in advance. Move your bedtime early if you will be traveling East down the line and vice versa if it’s going to be West.

2. Choosing the Right Seat

Although first and premium class seats in an airliner are meant to provide with the solid form of comfort, even in economy you can find ways to rest and sleep better. How? Opt for an exit seat on long haul flights. That way you can stretch your legs and imitate a sleeping position just as you would do at home.’

Make sure not to keep anything below your feet instead keep that area vacant. Then there is opting for the seat by the window for those who don’t get up very often. There are people that will get every now and then to pee but if you are not one of those, window seating is a wise decision.

I say this because then you get to keep a pillow by the window for added padding as you sleep. Seats near lavatories should be avoided as people seeking to go to the loo and those waiting in line may disturb your sleep plus those at the back of the plane because whenever plane hits any, you will be the most to feel the impact.

3. No, Watching a Movie Isn’t Going to Help…

People have this misconception that while watching a movie in-flight they can fall asleep whereas it does just the opposite. This even applicable in your routine life before setting up for sleep, you are advised to turn off any electronic devices because of the blue-spectrum light therein interferes with sleep.

4. Let’s Take a Pill to Put Me Out!

Sleeping pills can be effective but on long flights you have to time it. 7 or 8 or more hours of travel, sleeping pills will come in handy but if the travel is any shorter than above you will still be drowsy and under the influence pills long after you’ve landed at your destination.

To a wide variety of sleeping pills, our body reacts differently since each entail their own level of effects and side effects. So during a flight, this can get a bit tricky, what if side-effects begin to show. You can get only so much in a flight. What if the condition worsens? Exercise caution when resorting to pills is all.

Above are a few ways by means of which you can beat the jet lag.


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