Top Three Famous Temples to Visit When in Thailand

Formerly known as Siam, Thailand is one country in the Southeast Asia known for having thousands of temples. Yes, you read it right! Thousands and not just hundreds of Buddhist temples can be seen around the country and visited by people. And with a population where 95% of the people are Buddhist, this is considered to be a normal sight in the country.

Recognized as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Thailand has a rich heritage and culture coupled with several World Heritage sites to visit by bus Thailand or other means of transportation and delectable cuisines to try. Many foreigners enjoy visiting this country because they get to do so many things here such as visiting a temple, which can’t be seen in their respective countries. Also known as wats, the temples here are beautiful and unique with a religious significance to the locals.

If you are planning to visit Thailand for a holiday trip with family and friends, don’t miss the chance of going to the most famous temples in the country. And to truly enjoy the sightseeing trip, knowing your way around the city is a big plus. There are, however, dedicated bus Thailand based service providers to help you with booking tickets to where you need to go to see the temples.

1. Wat Phra Kaew

One of the most famous temples in Thailand that all foreigners should visit is the Wat Phra Kaew. Also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Wat Phra Kaew is recognized as the most sacred and important Buddhist temple or wat in the country. Located in the historic center of Bangkok, Phra Nakhon District, visitors will be able to see the highly revered Lord Buddha carved from a single block of jade and sitting in a meditating pose.

2. Wat Pho

Wat Pho, on the other hand, is one of the oldest and most popular temples in the capital of Thailand. Known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho is considered as one of the first class royal temples in Bangkok. Thousands of visitors see the highly revered image of the Lord Buddha in a reclining position. Did you know that this temple is the birthplace of the traditional Thai massage practice and that it still houses a massage school? In fact, visitors can enjoy a massage with the Thai masseurs here.

3. Wat Arun

The third most famous temple to visit in Thailand is Wat Arun or known as the Temple of Dawn. Wat Arun is considered as the most iconic temple in the country because its image is on the Thai currency, which makes it one of the easily recognized Thailand landmarks today.  

These are the top three most famous temples in the country that should be visited by foreigners who are planning a trip to Thailand. There are far more temples or wats that you can go to, but don’t forget to include these in your itinerary as places to visit when in Thailand and have a ticket booked with a bus company early. Make sure as well that you observe proper etiquette and follow the dress code policy as these are places with religious significance to the locals.  

About the Author

Mario Aromdee is a freelance writer. When he’s not writing, he casually rides bus Thailand, eats exotic street food, and dreams of conquering the world.