Destination Details: How to Stay Active While Traveling

Enjoying new and exotic sights and views while traveling is one of life’s true delights. Whether you’re spending time at ancient Mayan ruins or taking a boat ride down the Seine River, you’ll enjoy staying busy with your itinerary. To ensure you stay active and healthy while you see new places and meet new faces, there are a few tricks to remain mobile and continue exercising while traveling.

Book a Hotel with a Gym

When looking for the right place to stay while traveling, ask ahead of time if the hotel has a swimming pool or gym to work out in before booking your stay. Most hotels have an on-site gym that is free to use for hotel guests. This will allow you to have access to the equipment that you need to run, swim, or lift weights in a safe environment. Attempt to work out in the morning to increase your energy levels before exploring the destination.

Avoid Public Transportation

It can be easy to rely on taxis or buses when you’re getting around or when you want to visit different museums or dine at local eateries, but it doesn’t always mean you’ll stay active. Instead, rent bikes to see all the local sites or opt for walking to nearby attractions that are close to your hotel to ensure that you can incorporate more physical fitness into your trip.

Practice Exercises

There are several exercises you can do in your hotel room without the use of weights or special types of equipment. From sit-ups to lunges, there are several exercises to perform on your own without needing a gym membership.

Take Tours

There are a number of walking tours available in most cities, which will provide you with the chance of learning more about the area you’re visiting while also getting your cardio in for the day. Sign up for guided tours that allow you to experience new sites while also performing a physical activity.

Although it may be challenging to stay active while traveling, there are still ways to ensure you increase your fitness while you’re on the go. From working out in a gym to swimming laps in a hotel pool, there are several ways to maintain your health and avoid backsliding when you’re away from home.

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