How Volunteering Abroad Helps Create a Huge Impact with a Small Budget

We all have that goodness in us, that evokes the feeling of doing something useful and help the helpless in this world. What if someone told you that there is a way which not only lets you do the same but also without having to spend thousands of dollars in charity. And, what if this way involves traveling abroad? Gold! Isn’t it!?

Volunteering abroad is one of the most effective ways to make a difference in several unfortunate lives, and that too, without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. A volunteer trip is a special kind of travel experience that takes you places and helps understand different cultures. Millennials, mostly, are opting for this kind of travel expedition in order to do their bit, meet new people, travel interesting places, immerse in different cultures, and learn something new every day. And, since, money is one of the main obstacles that they face, a budget option like that of volunteering abroad comes really handy.

Gap year vacations are the commonest to indulge in volunteer work abroad. Students from high school and college, young adults, and even senior professionals on their sabbaticals, take volunteer trips; all with different purposes. While, some use it to expand their horizon of knowledge about our world, others use it as a platform to gain international work experience and boost their future career prospects. The objective, however, remains the same; help improve several unfortunate lives.

Mostly, travelers choose to volunteer abroad through a placement agency, as they are the pioneers of this field. Plus, the fact that they make all the arrangements for a volunteer traveling miles to join a project in a remote location of a third world country. From living to meals, local guidance, transport, and more; everything is being taken care of by the agency. And, to accommodate all this, and for the matter of smooth operation of the project, a volunteer is charged with a program fee. This program fee, which covers all major travel expenses, is much less as compared to what you may end up spending when traveling by yourself on a holiday.

“It’s special. You know you mean something to someone and that your presence is important when you are volunteering under a project. It’s really fascinating.”, says a volunteer during a recent one on one session.

There are options of working for the welfare and development of orphan kids and street children under childcare volunteer programs. Wildlife and nature conservationists can make an impact by volunteering for Wildlife and Conservation programs. Similarly, there are several other volunteer abroad opportunities; such as Teaching, Community Development, Healthcare and Medical volunteering, Women Empowerment, and more.

Over the years, volunteering abroad has proved to be one of the most cost-effective and meaningful ways of traveling. Very subtly, it has redefined the genre of responsible traveling. Not only has it helped improve many lives, but also has provided a unique platform for those who have always wanted to travel and explore, and make a difference.