How to Promote Your Facebook Page (and Free Download!)

Facebook is an amazing resource to businesses because of its already existing user base. It’s crazy how many people could potentially view your page and become aware of your company by tapping into it!

Below we will share ways how you can promote your Facebook page, boost posts, and more!

Once your Facebook page is live and full of wonderful content and amazing posts, it is crucial that you take the time to promote it. Taking the time to do this will help your current customers get the most value out of the content you are creating and will help you generate more Facebook followers and “likes”.

How to Improve your Facebook Page

Facebook makes it easy to promote your page and will actually do the promoting for you. Just click the ‘promote page’ button located on the left side of your page to get started! In the box that appears you can see a preview of what your Facebook generated promotion advertisement will look like. Your page cover photo will be the default image. You can choose the type of audience who you want to see the ad for your page by choosing from locations, interests, age and gender. After choosing a daily budget, you will see an estimate of how many people will like your page based on the audience and budget you choose!

All Facebook ads go through an approval process. Once approved you will get a notification from Facebook that your ad is running! You can see it’s performance in the activity tab of your page, so you can see how many people you have reached and how many new likes your page has gained. Enjoy the new business that comes your way and the new popularity of your page!

Budgeting Tip: If you think Facebook advertisements could be a good choice for you but are concerned about budgeting, try starting on a small budget to see if it will be impactful to your marketing. If you find value in the results then go ahead and increase your budget!

How to Boost Your Posts

Boosting a post is a great way to reach people who have already liked your page as well as people who might not know about you yet! A little different from promoting your page, ‘boosting’ your post will spread a specific post that you want lots of Facebook users to see. Boosting a post will make sure it appears in your Facebook fans’ newsfeed. You can boost a post when you create it OR after you have already published it.

Simply click the Boost Post button in the bottom right corner of your post. A box will appear for you to choose the demographics you want to reach. Similar to the box that appears for promoting your page, you can choose age, gender, and you can even type in what your audience might like or be interested in and Facebook will provide suggestions of audiences. After choosing your audience, select your budget. Facebook will show you an estimate of how many people your boosted post will reach each day and you can decide how many days you want your post to be boosted for. You can see how well your boost is performing by looking in the bottom left corner of the post you boosted or by looking in your page insight section on Facebook.

Pro Tip: Encourage Reviews

Facebook offers the option for your clients to give reviews. Encouraging reviews from your clients is an awesome way to make your Facebook page the best it can be! Ask clients to review your services and itinerary after their trip!

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