29 Free Online Resources for Travel Professionals

Who doesn’t love a free resource that will help make your business run a little bit smoother? We compiled a list of some of our favorite tools that are completely free to use! From beautiful stock images to use on your website and client itineraries to marketing tools that will take your SEO to the next level – we’ve got you covered.

Organization Tools

1. Raindrop

The ultimate bookmark organizer. Do you have a lot of saved bookmarks? Raindrop allows you to organize those bookmarks so that you can view them later with ease.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular tool to keep everything in one place and organized. The great thing about Google Drive is the different types of files you can create, whether it’s a text document, spreadsheet, form, image, and not to mention store all of your outside files as on your Drive as well.

3. Dropbox

Similar to Google Drive, Dropbox is a great place to store all of your files. You can keep all of your client files in one place while also organizing everything into different folders. Dropbox is free of charge with options of paying a monthly rate for additional storage.

Stock Photos

4. Stock Up

Searches 14,225+ free stock photos across 28 different websites.

5. Travel Coffee Book

Search and discover hundreds of beautiful images by the destination.

6. Pexels

Download thousands of images all free for any personal and commercial purposes.

7. Free Photography by Daria

Photographer, Daria, has uploaded all of her breathtaking photos in one place for anyone to download and use.

Image Editing

8. Canva

With Canva you can edit photos and create beautiful images for social media, blogging, websites, invites, and more. Canva also includes thousands of templates to choose from to make your image building quick and easy. Some templates cost a small fee to use.

9. PicMonkey

PicMonkey allows you to edit and create photo masterpieces. You can also touch up images with PicMonkey tools and create photo collages. Free to use, but there is a Premium subscription you can pay to get additional editing options.

10. Skitch

Skitch is a simple application that you can download on your computer and edit existing images. For example, if you need to highlight something online, you can take an image of the screen and add text and annotations to the image to share something easier.

11. Placeit

Quickly and easily drop an image into a pre-formatted mockup. Placeit has hundreds of mockups to choose from, between iPhones, computers, and more.

Marketing Tools

12. MailChimp

MailChimp is a simple solution to email marketing. You can quickly create beautiful emails with their drag-and-drop feature and the service is free for 12,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 subscribers!

13. Logaster

Need a logo or looking for a little rebranding of your business? Logaster is a free tool to create logos! Simply type in your company name, the area of activity, and Logaster will compile different logo creations that you can choose and edit from.

14. Grammarly

Do you send emails quickly and risk creating grammar mistakes? If so, Grammarly is the perfect tool for you. You can add the extension to your web browser and it will highlight if a word has been misspelled or grammar mistake has been made. Once it finds an error, it will give you options to correct it as well.

15. SEO Site Checkup

Quickly check the SEO on your website by entering your URL on SEO Site Checkup. SEO is important because it increases your chances of being found on search engines, so routinely checking your SEO is a great habit to form for marketing purposes.

16. Many Contacts

Need an easier way to collect email addresses for better email marketing? With Many Contacts, you can collect this information from visitors on your site and clients. Many Contacts is free to use for up to 100 enriched leads.

17. Buffer

An easy way to step up your social media channels is to use a tool like Buffer where you can schedule posts and get the most out of your social media. You can customize your posting schedule or use one of Buffer’s then watch what posts perform the best at different times.

18. AddThis

AddThis is an extension tool that you can add on your website to direct visitors to your social media channels and share your content on their social media. AddThis also offers a variety of tools like share buttons, related posts, and targeting tools to help take your social media marketing to the next level.

19. Disqus

Want to start a conversation on your website and/or blog? Adding Disqus to your site can help! Disqus is a simple and user-friendly way for others to comment on your content and especially easy for you to keep track and respond quickly and seamlessly.

20. DaFont

Want to jazz up your marketing and look? DaFont is a great resource to choose from over 31,000 fonts that are all available for free downloads.

21. Fontello

With Fontello, you can search and download from thousands of different icons to use in your marketing and website.

22. Kraken Image Optimizer

Adding an image to your website seems simple but did you know that if the file is too large it may not load properly for your viewers and can decrease SEO? With Kraken, you can upload your photo and the tool will “optimize” the image for you, making it more SEO friendly on your website.

Business and Productivity

23. LICEcap for Mac

Need to make a quick video of your screen so that you can show or explain something? With LICEcap, you can quickly and easily record a video of your screen and save it to your computer.

24. Kap

Similar to LICEcap, Kap allows you to capture your screen easily.

25. Coffitivity

Need a focus boost? Coffitivity helps you keep productive and stay focused with its coffee shop-like sounds. Play it in the background of your office or plug in headphones and start working with more focus.

26. Trello

Trello is a great (and easy) way to stay organized. Create “boards” and “cards” within those boards. You can move the cards around in a drag-and-drop fashion to different boards to categorize where each card belongs.

27. Asana

Similar to Trello, Asana is a great tool to organize thoughts and tasks – especially if working with a team of people. Each employee can have their own Asana account and then work together as a team to assign tasks to each other and with each person.

28. Evernote

A simple and efficient way to write down thoughts, to-do list, and more. Evernote can sync with your computer, phone, and tablet all at once. That way, if you think of something you need to do and you are out, you can save it to your phone then view it again once you get back to your computer in the office.

29. Invoicely

Looking for an easy way to create and send invoices? Look no further than Invoicely, where you can create an invoice from their template and then download and send it to clients.

Did we miss any others? Tell us your favorite free resource in the comment section below!