Thailand – What to Explore Other Than Temples and Beaches

For most of the people and for good reason, Thailand is all about beaches and temples. Where the southern part is all about its coastal beauty, pretty much whole of the Thailand boasts numerous temples in every village, town, and city.

However, there much more to see and do while vacationing in Thailand apart from spending time on the beaches and appreciating huge Buddha Idols in its temples.

Floating Market

While your holidays in Bangkok, drive to the Damnoen Saduak floating market one morning and you will find yourself staring wide-eyed at the long-tail boats carrying variety of articles like farm produce, fishes, souvenirs, Thai food dishes, etc. on sale. You can have your fill sitting in one such boat yourself.

Elephant National Park

Wildlife enthusiasts in Chiang Mai can have great moments of spending their time with elephants of this sanctuary. The attempt to rescue Asian elephants by Sangduen “Lek” Chailert started in 1992 and now is well-respected for her dedication and commitment. The fees tourists pay for their day inside the park goes in the welfare of these elephants that eat almost 100 pounds of fresh produce every day.  

The Umbrella Village

Bo Sang, aka ‘the umbrella village’, is thus called for its expertise in bamboo parasols. Beautiful and uniquely decorated umbrellas are great souvenirs for your family and friends, while the process itself is a great experience to go through. You can watch the local women deftly making their beautiful pieces of parasols just like any other piece of craft.

Khao Yai National Park

If your experience of Gibbons (a species of monkey) consists of the images of them begging on a Thailand street, it’s time to change that. Khao Yai National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to white-handed Gibbons where they are kept safe from poachers, along with Asian elephants and giant hornbill. Spread in 300 sq. Km, the park is a good way to break away from busy Bangkok. Numerous mild hiking trails are very much appreciated by the families on vacation

Golden Triangle Park

The term “Golden Triangle” here refers to the three countries Thailand, Myanmar and Laos that are separated by Mekong River. Prime attractions of the place include a Golden Triangle monument and the Hall of Opium Museum. Due to the association of its history with the opium (which is now completely removed from the area), the royal family took to itself to teach the community about it by commissioning the museum.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Not for the ruins of ancient Buddha idols and shrines that house them, the park is visited for its historical element. Another UNESCO World Heritage site, the place holds an unsettling charm, especially when you get to know the destruction caused by Burmese soldiers in 1767. The ruins also remained buried under earth for around 100 years. The overgrown Bhuddha head is one relic that you won’t want to miss here.

In addition to the above places, you can go to Pai for its natural splendour, visit Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai, The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Phu Phra Bat Park, Phanom Rung & Muang Tam, Ban Chiang, ad Kwan Village Park, Baan Si Dum and Mae Sa (for long-neck hill tribes).

Pick your Thailand tour package wisely if beaches and temple are not what you are looking at!

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