How to Survive a Day in Paris with About €10 in the Pocket

Paris is a unique city that doesn’t fit any stereotypes. Of course, every of us heard about the morning coffee and croissants, noisy cafés, and the smell of roasted chestnuts on the boulevards of Paris…

Notre Dame twilights, the quiet whisper of tourist in the halls of the Louvre, and almost uninhabited Ile Saint-Louis – these and much more charming places attract millions of tourist every year.

But what to do if you have a hole in the pocket? How to enjoy all the beauties of Paris, having only about € 10 left? Not too easy, but possible if using the essential advice on planning your future vacation.

1. Visit Paris museums for free

Every first Sunday of the month you can visit the major museums of Paris for free. Not to stand in line, come early in the morning or late in the evening. Here is a full list of Paris museums.

Note: as a rule, museums are free-of-charge in the low season from November to March.

2. A picnic in the parks and gardens of Paris

Paris is the birthplace of the city parks. Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Tuileries, and Jardin des Plantes are the most-known Paris parks where you can enjoy a wonderful picnic for absolutely free!

3. Take the funicular to Montmarte

If you have a valid ticket for the metro, don’t miss to use it to railway up to Montmartre to Sacre Cour. Sit on the steps of the church and enjoy a wonderful view of the city.

4. Visit Catholic churches

There are many churches in Paris. Undoubtedly, the most famous ones are Notre Dame and Sacre Cour in Montmartre. The entrance is free.

5. Visit the French National Library

The building of the French Library is made in the form of two books. The high glass towers in the form of a library of books were built in 1996. There are more than 14 million of books available in the library. Also, there’s a garden between the towers. The entrance is free.

6. Enjoy the Arc de Triomphe

You just can’t miss visiting Arc de Triomphe, which is located at the beginning of the Champs Elysées!

7. Take a walk through the Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lachaise Cemetery is the largest green park in France and one of the largest museums of gravestones in the world. Here you will find the graves of Edith Piaf, Balzac, and Saint-Exupery.

8. Visit the fashion show at the Gallery Lafayette

Having only € 10 in the pocket, don’t miss visiting Galeries Lafayette – the most famous Paris store where you can find a lot of designer brands and a magnificent glass dome. Every Friday, there’s a fashion show on the 8th floor. The entrance is free, but you need to reserve a place by sending an e-mail to

9. Admire panoramic views from the Sacré-Cour in Montmartre

When you go up to Montmartre to the Sacré-Cour, turn your head and admire the panoramic view of Paris.

10. Visit the concert of organ music

If you like church music, you have the opportunity to enjoy it for free every Sunday at Notre Dame.

11. Smell the best perfumes at Fragonard museum

The museum is built in the style of Napoleon III and contains best perfumers from the world-known manufacturers. The entrance is free.

12. Take an evening promenade on the banks of the Seine

It’s the best alternative to traveling by boat for € 12. Enjoy the sights of Pont Neuf and Petit Pont bridges.

13. Quench your thirst from a pump-room in a park

If you do not want to spend money on Evian and Vittel, drink from a pump-room. The water here is crystal clear and safe.

14. Take a bike ride through the streets of Paris

Vélib Fahrrad is almost everywhere in Paris! To rent a bike, you need a phone and a credit card. Spend a few euro and quickly and comfortably reach from point A to point B and leave the bike there.

15. Take a ride in subway train without a driver

The map of Paris Metro looks impressive. However, since there are a lot of stations and practically every station is an interchange, you can very quickly get to the right place. The price for a ticket is € 1.8.


As you see, there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy the beauties of Paris having no money at all! Find a few more on this infographics and have a great time visiting the breathtaking city.


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