6 Essential Blogging Tools for Travelers

What’s more exciting than sharing your adventures with the world? The ability to dress an experience in words, to tell the perfect story! Travel blogging is a lot of fun and a perfect opportunity to journal your experiences and preserve the freshness of events, places and people that have impressed you.

Travel blogging will enhance your trips but to do it like a pro, you’ll need a couple of tools. Here are a few of the essentials that you can rely on.

Set Up the Right Blog

Setting up a blog doesn’t have to cost you anything. That’s what WordPress was created for.

The most prominent blogging platform and content management system (CMS) is created for the needs of amateurs. It makes the process of adding texts, uploading images and customizing your blog effortless.

WordPress is compatible with an extensive range of design templates and functionality plugins. To put it in simple words, you can create a blog, an online photo gallery or even a complex website to dedicate to your trips. You’ll be guided through the process and you’ll find setting up your travel blog to be a breeze.

Share Your Pics with the World

Online image storage is so cool! You’ll simply have to upload your pictures in your hotel room – just make sure that the internet connection is reliable enough. Once you get the pictures on the cloud, you’ll access them from every place in the world that has decent connectivity.

Flickr is the quintessential image platform. You can organize your pictures in albums, set the usage rights, determine the maximum quality and utilize those images in your blog posts. In addition, Flickr features numerous royalty-free images by other authors that can be used to make your travel pieces even more convincing.

Focus on the Essentials – Proper Spelling and Grammar

A good travel blog is free from errors. There are no typos and no stylistic shortcomings. Even if you’re not a professional writer, you can easily enhance your style. Grammarly is one tool that you can use to make your texts sharper.

Grammarly checks the texts you upload for grammar, error, and stylistic errors. By relying on the tool, you can enhance both the clarity and the meaning of your stories. Travel texts are particularly difficult to write. With experience, you’ll become a master of words. Grammarly will simply enable you to reduce the risk of committing basic errors.

Let Somebody Help You

You have a great idea but you simply don’t know how to dress the experience in words? Professional assistance may be just what you need to get started.

There are professional services that can offer writers’ help. The writers can cover just about every topic, the content will be original and it will correspond 100 percent to your requirements. All you have to do is determine what your requirements are.

Check Your Results

Blogging for fun is… well, a lot of fun. Travel blogging will enable you to bring two passions together. Still, if you’re serious about growing your online presence, you should get a better idea about what your audience wants.

Analytics tools enable you to do just that.

Piwik is an open-source web analytics solution. You can choose between a self-hosted and a web-hosted version of the software depending on your travel habits and your internet usage. There’s also a convenient mobile app that gives you information about the performance of your blog on the go.

Learn from the Best

Sometimes, enthusiasm and dozens of travel experiences to present in a blog will be insufficient to make the web endeavor successful. If you’ve never blogged before and you don’t know what it takes to create quality travel pieces, you’ll probably need a bit of assistance.

The assistance could come in the form of Travel Blogger Academy. The name is pretty self-explanatory. Travel Blogger Academy is a guide that will teach you the essentials of setting up and running a travel blog.

This email course comes in 24 parts and it’s available for free. You’ll get tutorials about creative writing, travel photography, what it takes to set up a quality blog and how to grow its popularity.

Enjoy your trips and collect memories – after all, these are the most exciting aspect of discovering the biggest treasures of the world. If you want to share these treasures with the word, you should definitely start a travel blog. Experiment with it, have some fun and get tools to help you along the way. Chances are that soon, your travel blog will reach the hearts of adventurers and travel lovers from all parts of the world.

Author Bio

My name is Alicia Honeycutt. I am a content strategist and a passionate writer at Essaydot. When I travel I always write about my adventures, feelings, and emotions in the travel diary. This is a kind of travel ritual that keeps me elated and inspires to open the world every day. You can find me on Facebook.