7 Reasons Why You Will Love Nepal

Are you fueled with the enthusiasm of a child to push yourself beyond the impossible and challenge the nature? Do you like the feeling of being invincible? Like as if for a fraction of a moment you have risen above all the elements of mightiest creations! If yes, then Nepal is the deal to test your own level of audacity and rigorously pump your adrenaline rush until you reach a point of absolute numbness becoming one with nature. Hosting eight among the ten highest mountains in the world, Nepal is blessed with a unique topographical structure and enchanting natural vistas. The country sees thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

The entire country is a zig-saw puzzle of deep valleys, fast flowing rivers, forests, and waterfalls, each which are perfectly chiseled and fitted together creating the most spectacular land on earth.  

There are many reasons to visit Nepal. And if you happen to be young and wild, here are seven major reasons why you will love it here:

1. Trekking: A Journey of Exploration

The entire northern region of the country is made up of the Himalayan ranges making Nepal the perfect spot for trekking. This journey begins with the exploration of nature and ultimately leads to the exploration of the self.

The Everest Base Camp Trek and the Annapurna Base Camp Trek are the two destinations that are popular worldwide amongst the trekkers. The walk is an incredible one through the most enchanting natural sites well preserved and untouched by the influence of modernization. Whether you are an amateur or a climber, Nepal has routes for all kinds of trekker. Every route has its own distinguishable feature. You can select the trek as per your interest or you can even customize the routes.

2. Bungee Jumping: Test Your Fears

Nepal has only two spots for bungee jumping one of which happens to be the second longest bungee jumping in the world. The destination is situated on the outskirts of the city amidst green valleys and very close to the China border.

The sudden adrenaline rush begins from the courageous walk over the bridge built across one of the deepest gorges of the Bhootekoshi River. The exhilarating free fall is of 100m from a height of about 3600ft. The feeling of having challenged this height is inexplicable!

3. Paragliding: Just Like a Bird

Soaring high above the land, amidst the birds is a feeling worth the experience. Pokhara, a beautiful city of Nepal, happens to be one of the best commercial destination for paragliding. With the thrilling take off is rewarded with the best view of the white snowy peaks glistening along the horizon at the level of your view point. The incredible elements of nature will come to sight all at once to form a perfect picture ever painted by the creator.

4. Rafting: Speed vs. Strength

Discover your strength in the mighty fast flowing rivers of Nepal that flow through some of the most exquisite hills and valleys you will have ever come across. Nepal is one of the richest countries in water bodies. Different rivers are characterized by their own level of velocity, frequency of rapids and depth. You can choose the river based on the judgment of your own level of audacity. Above all, enough your stay at cozy tented camps with bonfire along the sandy beach of the river.

5. Cannoning

Add another interesting story to your adventure journey by climbing a steep cliff surrounded by beautiful trees and glorious views of the mountains. Cannoning is a pretty challenging adventure sport in terms of physical strength but its rewards are highly generous. It ca be done in natural water ponds, majestic waterfalls, jumping rocks and high cliffs. Disregard of the place you chose, the view that eventually comes to sight as you climb higher will leave you breathless.

6. Everest Skydive: Let’s See if You Can Fly!

Mt. Everest is the highest point accessible by foot on earth and skydiving is an extreme sport. A combination of the two most thrilling experience- the height of Everest and skydiving- is the Everest Sky Dive that takes you to a height of 29500ft. You will land on a safe zone at the Amadablam Base Camp. The free fall offers you the most phenomenal view of the glistening white mountains and beautiful village settlements on lustrously green valleys. It is an experience of a lifetime impossible to describe with sheer words.

7. Mountian Bike

A diverse range of geological structure spread over a really small area, Nepal has several cycling routes to satisfy the taste of all kinds of adventures. Find yourself cycling across the most unique and beautiful sites in the world comprising of valleys, waterfalls, and forest–a set background of the Himalayan ranges. Test you physical and mental determination as you go about exploring the sceneries, rural villages, various cultures and traditional lifestyle. If you are crazy about this sport then the experience it can yield for you in Nepal is beyond imagination.

In conclusion, youth is not defined by age but the energy you pump with every single breath. And disregard of your age, if you happen to have the thirst to experience the adrenaline rush, challenge your physical abilities and test your mental determination, Nepal is your destination.

Author Bio

Raushan is from Nepal, a popular travel destination between China and India. He is a traveler and a blogger. He has traveled to several places in Nepal. His favorite place so far has been Annapurna region, which is considered by many on of the best trekking destination in the world.