4 Great Destinations to Get Writing Inspiration

Are you tired looking at the four walls of your home office? Don’t you just wish to get your laptop and start exploring the world? Seeing new places, people, and cultures is the best inspiration a writer could ever look for. New places will open your eyes to the beauty, suffering, intelligence, and stupidity of the human race. Can you think of a better inspiration than that?

Are you ready for an adventure? If you haven’t picked your destination yet, check out these 4 greatest destinations that will make your mind burst with writing inspiration.

1. Australia

This may sound like a cliché, but there is no other place that can make you feel so free, alive, and connected to nature. Australia is everything you expect it to be. The urban environments are an incredible blend of cultures and traditions, and the wilderness will inspire you through its stunning landscapes. Here are few other reasons to put Australia on your list of destinations:

  • You’ll feel like you’ve seen the entire world in a single place. Everyone will love telling you about the country they came from, but you’ll also see how happy they are to consider Australia their home.
  • The Great Barrier Reef, one of the most beautiful reef systems on a global level, will blow your mind with the abundance of marine life.
  • The beaches are breathtaking.
  • Do you want to find peace, sun, relaxation, fun, or adventure when you travel? Australia offers everything you can think of.

2. Myanmar, Burma

When you look at some online photos of Myanmar, you may get the impression that it’s a peaceful place that will leave you alone with Nature and you thoughts. It’s not. Myanmar is a booming tourist destination, projected to welcome over 5 million tourists in 2016. Here are few reasons to go to Myanmar when you’re looking for your writing muse:

  • The place is about to get wealthier, but uglier at the same time. Its beauty is still strange, and the remote villages will open a new world in front of your eyes. You’ll still see the local dressing and thinking patterns. Tourists are rapidly attacking Myanmar, so it’s best to see this place before everyone else does.
  • The people are incredibly friendly. They will tell you where to go, what to do, and how to behave when you want to fit in.
  • Have you seen photos of the Bagan temples? They are not even close to conveying the impressions you’ll get when you stand in front of them. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported in another world.
  • You’ll see Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims living and functioning together.

3. India

You may enter India as a complete person with strong opinions and a system of values, but you can be 100% that you’ll leave as a transformed individual. This country, as well as the people in it, has the power to change the way you perceive life.

  • Taj Mahal is not just perfect architecture that makes you wonder what else people are capable for. It’s the ultimate testimony of love.
  • You’ll see the most hospitable, kindest, and weirdest people in India. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see children playing. You’ll be touched by the innocent, warm spirit of the locals. Most of them may be poor, but you’ll still see the spark of happiness in their eyes. 
  • Spirituality, not religion, is what you can observe and experience in India.

4. South Africa

This destination mostly appeals to the adventurous type of traveler. It’s not a place where you’ll sit in a hotel and observe the ocean. It’s a gem with countless landmarks to explore.

  • Those amazing sunsets when the sky goes on fire and you see the silhouettes of wild animals in front of you… that’s something you can experience only in South Africa.
  • The weather is always great. It’s perfect for writing.
  • Watching wildlife can get addictive. You’ll witness the incredible coexistence of people, culture, wildlife, nature, heritage, and good vibes.
  • You have to see the Blyde River Canyon at least once in your life.


They say that traveling can make you a different person. That’s true, especially for a writer. When you see that you’re surrounded with a world that’s beautiful, conflicted, and breathtaking at the same time, you’ll realize that writing about it is the most honorable thing you could ever do.    

Author Bio

Kate Simpson is a young writer for https://www.assignmentmasters.co.uk/, seeking creativity inspiration in unusual destinations. Her main hobbies are photography and 19th-century impressionism.