Blogging vs. Traveling: 12 Tips to Find a Balance

Balancing and blogging are problematic, and writers need help to figure it out because everyone is different. On one hand they want to relax and enjoy the trip. But on the other hand, they feel guilty if they aren’t working. It could be that one day there’s no Internet connection, so the day is spent doing something else. But during the entire time, the enjoyment isn’t there because there’s work to be done.

To blend work and travel is an art, and it’ll take a few experiments to be able to balance both of these opposing demands. It seems as if the writer is being pulled in both directions at the same time and it takes discipline to balance both of them. The writer needs to set a schedule as to how much time is spent working. When that time is up, close the computer, and get on with the travels.

Writers need to be creative and try to balance work and play while traveling. How do you do this? These are some tips writers have found to work.

1. When traveling in a car, on a train, or in a plane – work. It can be simple things like reading other blogs, answering comments, editing older posts, or anything else that will be productive.

2. Set goals for the coming days by listing the bigger projects first and then fill in the time with the smaller projects.

3. Be realistic and don’t attempt to get 30 blogs written in the next few days. When on vacation, plan on writing one – three blogs a week.

4. Remember, when you’re traveling your work won’t get accomplished overnight. Every good thing will take a little more time. When traveling for pleasure, take the time to relax and enjoy.

5. Blogging is more than writing blogs, comments, and daily views. It’s a community, and when traveling, bloggers need to accept that they will be less active when traveling. Since life while traveling is more hectic, a blogger can make up for the missed time when returning home.

6. Most bloggers are guilty of devoting too much of their time for working with the different social media platforms. Set aside a few minutes a day to spend on each one and stick to it. This will allow the blogger to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

7. When traveling, on a different schedule, writer’s block may set in. Get up from the computer and simply walk away, go outside, take a walk, and clear the mind. Doing something different can take a writer outside the realm of blogging and bring new insight.

8. Bloggers have the beauty of setting their own schedule and don’t answer to anyone. It’s easy to use this as a reason to goof off the entire day. Instead, decide the amount of hours needed to work and get up in the morning to get it done. Then get out and enjoy the day.

9. Blogging is always more about being in a community than the numbers and traveling will bring this truth home for the blogger. Relax and don’t feel guilty about what you think you should be doing.

10. Depending on the locations, bloggers should sometimes be prepared to work off-line or find a coffee shop or internet café. It’s a good idea to have some research done in advance in case there is no Internet connection.

11. Bloggers should consider using a hotspot when traveling as it makes more sense than using the data on the smartphone. By using this, no time is wasted on the road, and there’ll be more time to have fun at the travel destination.

12. By planning ahead, a blogger can have some extra posts written along with some edited photos to be posted while they’re traveling.

Travel makes living fun, and an enjoyable life generates more ideas for writing a blog. When traveling, share some pictures or stories in a couple of posts. It’ll be engaging for the readers and fun for the blogger. If extra content is needed, this is where a guest post could fill in. One last thought, if this is an extended trip, it might help to pay someone to schedule the blogs through Twitter and Facebook. It would be one less thing to worry about and make the trip that much more enjoyable.

Author Bio

Kerry Creaswood – a young and ambitious writer from Savannah, GA. She is fond of various forms of art and thinks that everything we can imagine is real. To find more about Kerry – check her Twitter or blog.