Travefy Update: Introducing Power Tools for Power Users

Do you consider yourself a Travefy “Power User”? We made some new feature enhancements with you in mind! Now you can quickly work through your Travefy account and build trips with the easy keyboard shortcuts below.

D – Create a new day.

E – Create a new event.

Tab – Pressing the tab will move you to the next available option. For example, you can move through form fields when creating an event.

Enter/Return – When you’re not in the notes field, this will save your changes.

Left, Right, Up & Down Arrows – The arrows allow you to move around when creating or editing.

Command + Enter (on Mac) or
Control + Enter (on PC) – Will save and close any event you’re editing.

Note: These power shortcuts can be used for both Travefy Personal and Travefy Professional.