Travefy Professional Success Story: Nomad America Adventures

We love what we do at Travefy and want to know what we love even more? Hearing the success stories that Travefy has brought travel businesses all over the world. We couldn’t help but share the amazing stories with you so we are putting together a success story series to share how other travel professionals are leading the way with Travefy by their side.

Today’s success story is about Fabio, the founder of Nomad America Adventure.

Nomad America Adventures in Costa Rica specializes in 4×4 camping trips getting off the beaten path and exploring like a true local. Nomad America’s trips include awesome 4×4’s with rooftop tents and full camping equipment, along with a free personalized itinerary created.

Before Travefy, those personalized itineraries took more time than Fabio wanted and were very repetitive with long work for each itinerary made. “I was looking for something like Travefy to save time. The fact that the itinerary is also attractive  to the consumer and easy to use makes it great. Travefy let me save time with each ‘personalized’ itinerary we make for our customers. Now we have a beautiful way to present all of the trip information to customers with a simple drag and drop system,” says Fabio.

With Travefy, “the communication between me and my clients is much easier and it is easier to let them know about each specific place, spot, location, and for them to understand it, instead of a written explanation. Now we have maps, images, lists, and so much more!”

With all of the simplicity and excitement that Travefy has brought Nomad America Adventures, Fabio’s absolute favorite part of using Travefy is “being able to copy an existing itinerary and slightly modifying it, creating something completely new.”

Using Travefy has left Fabio happier and his customers happier as well.

“My Gross-National-Happiness Index while working on itineraries has risen by 92%.” Fabio 

This is just one of the stories of how Travefy helps travel businesses every day…and makes them smile too!

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