How to Travel the World While Making Money

What if we told you that you could see the world while you’re working? Talk about a dream job, right? Our friends at coWork the World are doing just that and you can join them. To get more information on this new project, we asked founder, Nader, some questions to get the scoop on what exactly coWork the World is doing and how you can live out your travel dreams!

First tell us how the idea of coWork the World came about.

Nader: coWork the World really started out as a social experiment. My company, FURM® Group has been spending over $30,000 a year just in office space alone, but ironically all the work being done can be executed remotely from anywhere in the world. There really was no need to be “geolocation enslaved” and so I decided to take my work with me around Europe last year. After 2 months of traveling and coWorking, I was totally convinced that this is the future of how we work!

How does coWork the World work?

Nader: coWork the World is a really unique program for remote workers, startup entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, digital nomads and all other global coworking travellers. We’re offering flexible & collaborative style remote coworking travel experiences!

What makes the program different?

Nader: One thing really unique about the program is putting the majority of the control back onto our coWorking members. Unlike other group tour packages, where you pay a heavy upfront amount and get completely locked in and enslaved to the tour operator’s itinerary, coWork the World is about creating amazing coWorking travel experiences based on your terms! We charge a low one time security deposit for each leg, which also includes a lifetime membership with coWork the World. Once you’ve secured your place, we then invite participants into our dedicated Travel app, thanks to our awesome partnership with Travefy!

Through the coWork the World Travefy app, all members will get to connect & collaborate with each other, create customised itineraries, build out travel plans, manage their budget, communicate with one another, leverage group buying power to arrange their accommodation and most importantly, schedule in preferences with local coWorking space providers. And.. if you don’t want to participate in all that but just want to come coWork the World, we’ll be offering an optional extra coWork the World travel concierge service that can take care of all that planning for you!

Where is coWork planning to travel to?

Nader: I understood quickly that many people won’t be able to take a whole year out to remote cowork the world, so I split the 12-month long program into 7 legs, allowing applicants to participate in 1 or all 7 legs. So far, this includes; Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, India & South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand. Each leg goes from as little as 30 days up to as long as 80 days. This really gives ultimate freedom of choice to our coWorking members based on their own budget, availability and travel ambitions.

Have you coWorked around the world before? If so, where have you been?

Nader: I’d have to say my favourite place has got to be Spain & South of France. Although I’ve never been there yet, it’s definitely on the go to list for Leg 1!

For remote working, to date, my favourite place has to be Rome. Remote working right outside the colosseum was truly an epic experience!

As far as favourite coWorking spaces go, I’d have to reserve my preference until after I’ve coWorked the World!

How many people are you planning coWorking with and when does the trip begin?

Nader: Leg 1 of coWork the World kicks off 1st May 2016 and we’re taking rolling applications via our website as well as insta-applications via Instagram. I’d definitely recommend to apply sooner and secure your place as we’ve been receiving more and more applications from around the world each week. Thanks to our link up with Travefy, it doesn’t really matter if we have 5 people coming along or 500, the entire experience will still be epic!

How can someone get involved with coWork the World?

Nader: Anyone interested can click here or visit our website with all the details.

Final question, how can we follow you on your journey?

Nader: Easy! We’re pretty much on every Social Media platform so just find/follow us with either #coworktheworld or @coworktheworld

Interesting in getting involved? Check out coWork the World for more information.