How to Plan a Romantic Trip to London

What a wonderful city London is. With a population of over 8 million, it is a city that offers a wonderful eclectic mix of cultures and is a fantastic destination for city break enthusiasts. With so much to see and do, London is the type of city that you could visit many times and still find something new that you haven’t already discovered.

As a destination for a couple looking for an exciting and diverse city break, there aren’t much better places to go to than London. It has got something to please most tastes: amazing restaurants, scenic city parks, fantastic shopping, vibrant nightlife, culture and history, and so much more.

With the seat of the British Royal residing in London and with so much royal history to view and experience, it’s difficult at times to know where to start exploring, especially if you are confined to having a city break weekend. Coupled with all that history are the multitude of art galleries and other cultural hotspots, many of which offer free admission. That’s not to mention the world famous West End for so many theatrical delights.

As with any element of travel, research is paramount and most especially with the limited time that a city break allows. If you need to pack in some extra romance, London can deliver there also. With the romance of the city lights and the beauty of the river Thames, merged with the many parks that the city has to offer, there are so many things that you can do to woo your loved one. The infographic below should help to highlight some pretty cool options…why not try them out on your next visit!

Author Bio

Carl Westwood owns and operates LA Stretch Limo in Essex in London. He has many years of experience in running his classic car and limo hire business in the UK capital and loves to educate tourists on the many wonders that the city has to offer.