Latin American Luxury: Top Tips for Stylish South American Holidays

When you think of South America, you might imagine gorgeous landscapes and rich culture, but there’s also lots of luxury to enjoy. Here are some top tips for savouring it during your exciting holiday.

Steal Breath–Taking View From Above

You might feel a tad overwhelmed by the sprawling continent and how to explore all of it, but don’t rush through it. Rather choose a few places that you’d really like to see and immerse yourself in them completely. Can’t make it everywhere you’d like? Enjoy views from above by flying to your destinations within the continent. Choose short flights in which the small planes have lower flight elevation to give you the treat of the beautiful landscape below!

Explore the History

One of the most important things to do during your trip in South America is to embrace the history. A popular choice for travellers is the Inca Trail through the Andes mountains. If you want the luxury of having the landscape to yourself, choose other hikes such as the Salkantay Trail. This is a tweak to the popular route which still gives you amazing views and the stunning ruins, but it’s quieter so you can enjoy it without much distraction.

See the Stunning Sights

There are many breath-taking things to see on the continent and the Iguazu Falls are a prime example. Situated between Argentina and Brazil, these are renowned for being the most amazing falls in the world, surrounded by a beautiful rainforest with hundreds of bird species.

Another must-see are the beaches, such as Margarita Island in Venezuela. This is relatively undiscovered and offers gems for travellers, such as Caribbean beaches and many activities that include scuba-diving and riding on horseback. As a bonus, it’s the perfect place if you’re traveling as a couple because it’s so romantic.

Stay in Style

Treasures abound when it comes to accommodation. One of the highlights is the gorgeous city of Cartagena that offers such a charming stay. The city has great places to eat and bars filled with salsa music. It also strikes the perfect balance between old and new, luxury and natural splendour. Visit the walled city and enjoy relaxing in colourful colonial homes. Holiday accommodation is full of rich architecture and beautiful views of the city with luxurious interiors to make your stay amazing.

There are many hotspots to visit in South America that will create an exciting experience. Make your stay on the continent full of extravagance while you soak up the natural beauty.