The Amazing Facts About Modern State Gujarat

Mostly known for tradition and culture, the Indian state Gujarat is most popular for the fascinating wonders that allure every traveler. People irrespective of taste and age can have a very good time seeing the picturesque locations and the amazing historic sites around the state.

To See

The alluring destination Gujarat welcomes travelers to see various attractive sites along with the richness of the culture in each and every part. The state is a blend of modern and traditional constructions and one can see several marvels around. Starting from the finest royal palaces till the religious places, wildlife sanctuaries, ancient locations there are many more to explore.

The Laxmi Vila Palace is a one must see destination located in Baroda. This palace is known for the fineness and the excellent artwork. Divgir Palace, Lakhota Fort, Dabhoi Fort and a few more are most visited in the state and the constructions that remind the excellence of the past heritage.

Along with this the most visited Somnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is one most visited place. Another religious place of Hindus Dwaraka is even located in the wonderful state Gujarat. Not just for Hindus even the Haji Pir Dargah in Kutch is one world famous place of worship for Muslims.

Apart from the religious destinations Gujarat is also known for the National Parks where one can easily locate several species of wild animals. Gir Forest, Kutch desert wildlife sanctuary, Barda Wildlife Sanctuary, Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary and a few more welcomes nature as well as animal lovers to see the amazing beauty.

Finally the Gandhi Ashram a peaceful place is to be visited during the vacation to Gujarat along with the most alluring Kutch region. Junagad is another exceptional monument which is a one must visit location of Gujarat.

Along with these mind blowing attractions one need to do a few thrilling and fun filled activities in Gujarat. Enjoy talking part in the heritage walk of capital Ahmadabad as the city is a marvelous place. To see the finest constructions and sacred places as well as the remarkable Sabarmati Ashram one need to step in the mesmerizing destination.

Exploring the Gir National Park is a fascinating experience to every traveler and one can see thousands of species of flora and fauna along with the animals in the region. Enjoy a road drive to Kutch region on a Royal Enfield as this surely is a thrilling experience. The remarkable drive makes people to explore the marvelous region and one can even see the old fort doors and Jain temples. Exploring the ancient city Dwaraka is a great experience as this is associated with the tales of Lord Krishna and the great epic Gita.

Here are a few attractive things to see and the striking activities that allow one to enjoy a vacation with family. So make sure that you explore the alluring destination Gujarat and even see all ancient wonders along with the spectacular locations of the state that turn your holiday in to a memorable experience.