Scariest Halloween Attractions

With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking of costume ideas and places to go for the spookiest holiday of the year. If you dare, check out the scariest Halloween attractions!

1. Hangman’s House of Horrors

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, this house of horror features Cirque de Fantomes, Hillbillies Revenge and a crazy 3D Funhouse. This attraction is inspired by the legend of a murderer known as “Hangman,” making it incredibly creepy. If you’re too freaked out to try the haunted house, you can also have some fun by listening to live music, going on rides, or singing karaoke!

2. The Chamber Haunt

The Primm Valley Casino Las Vegas offers The Chamber Haunt, which uses creepy sounds and lighting to freak out its customers! You’ll be sure to be scared at this spooky attraction. The makeup and costume design make it so realistic, which adds to the scariness.

3. Terror Behind the Walls

Pennsylvania’s former notorious prison is now one of the country’s top-ranked haunted attractions! It features empty cell blocks and more than 10 acres of scary fun.

4. Fright Factory

Philadelphia’s Fright Factory contains three terrifying attractions: the Asylum, Village of the Damned, and Horror High. The three attractions are equally frightening; you’ll definitely be in for a thrill!

5. Bennett’s Curse

Located in Jessup, Maryland, Bennett’s Curse is ranked a top haunted attraction due to its special effects and high-tech frightening entertainment. There are different attractions within Bennett’s Curse that are sure to make you scream: House of Vampires, Zombie Kingdom 3D, and Sanctuary of Insanity.

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