Finding Your Own Fun with Geocaching

Many people have heard of Geocaching, but many don’t know just how easy and fun it is to enjoy this pastime. Here’s a quick introduction if you’d like to check it out.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is like a social scavenger hunt for everyone to play. A “Geocache” is hidden somewhere on the Earth (or off it) and its GPS coordinates are noted and added to the site. Then, anyone can find the cache, see what’s inside, and sign the guestbook. This game started about 15 years ago and has only gotten more accessible through the years.

What do you need to join the fun?

You need a GPS enabled device, probably your smartphone. You don’t have to use the official app, as you can just copy the latitude/longitude into your favorite maps app. You’ll also need an account on to see where the caches are. They also have a nice, 75-second “What is Geocaching” video that’s worth the watch as well as a getting started guide.

Is there any Geocaching etiquette to know about?

Have fun and bring a friend! Geocaching isn’t supposed to be a stressful, competitive sport. It’s a leisurely activity to enjoy with friends. The searching and new experiences you’ll have are the fun part.

Don’t worry if you don’t find it. Some are well marked and large, while others are tiny and hard to spot! They often have descriptions on the general location and hints if you get stuck.

Don’t vandalize the Geocache.

If you see other Geocachers, don’t give them any spoilers (unless they ask). Let them find things on their own.

Look at all the Geocaches in and around Lincoln, NE! What geocaches are near your home?

Happy Geocaching!