Travefy Trip Feature to the Mediterranean Coast of Spain

When Donella and her group were getting ready to plan an epic two-week vacation through Spain, they knew they needed a tool to help them organize, stay communicated, and keep the finances in check. That’s where Travefy came in.

We love seeing the stories unfold of how Travefy helped shaped a trip for the better, and make it well organized and maximized for trip fun! This week, we chat with Donella, who planned a group trip and had the time of her life!

Where did you travel and how many people were in the group?

Donella: [Traveled to] Mediterranean Coast of Spain: Barcelona, Sitges, Callela, and an area of Villafranca del Penedés. Our party started with five people for a two-week vacation! Mid-way through others joined to round out our group to eight. Planning an international trip for eight is a challenge, but with Travefy, it’s so much easier!

We used Travefy to plan our entire trip – lodging, dining, both planned on the fly, and expense sharing. The ability to share ideas makes planning group travel so much easier–the hundreds of emails are no longer! The itineraries feature was awesome…each person on our trip was responsible for planning one day of adventure and Travefy made it easy to do because of the visibility into what days/activities were being planned (in real time) by others.

What was the biggest highlight of the trip?

Donella: Sitges is a secret jewel of the country! We found a beautiful casa through Travefy! Our place was on the cliffs of Punta Gaviota (north end of Stiges), overlooking the Mediterranean Sea! Our son was able to do cliff jumping right outside of our terrace! Breathtaking views every day!

That said, the architecture and rich history of Barcelona is worth every minute spent! The Sagrada Familia was sensational–Gaudi‘s blending of nature, form and function is astounding!

What did your itinerary look like? Anything you highly suggest when visiting?

Donella: [We] arrived in Barcelona and settled into our casa in Sitges. We used Sitges as our home base for our daily excursions up/down the east coast of Spain! We spent three days in Barcelona–just enough time to see the high-value points of interest! If you like wine, make sure you work at least one wine tour into your schedule and of course lots of beach time on the Costa Brava!

What were your favorite Travefy feature and most helpful for this trip?

Donella: The expense management feature is outstanding! The currency conversion feature is the cherry on top! Made it so easy to ensure all parties were accurately reimbursed in a quick and painless process!

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