Top 10 Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

The southern state Andhra Pradesh is loaded with wonderful destinations and travelers of all places can surely have a mind-blowing experience of vacation in the Telugu speaking state. Here are a few mesmerizing destinations that are worth of exploring during your stay.

1. Araku and Borra Caves

These two are the marvelous places located nearby to the city Visakhapatnam. Exploring the natural wonders is a great experience and the ambience offers a great holiday. Along with the great natural attractions one can enjoy seeing the tribal life.

2. Tirupathi

Dedicated to Lord Balaji Tirupathi is a renowned spiritual destination of Andhra Pradesh. Thousands of devotees visit the Tirumala hills every day and pray to the shrine of Lord Venkateswara. Deer Park, Sri Govindarajaswami Temple, Talakona waterfalls and a few more are to be seen during the holiday.

3. Srisailam

This picturesque location is located in the Nallama forests in Kurnool district with a temple dedicated to Lord Mallana and Bramarambika. This is one of the jyothirlinga, which every Hindu tends to visit once in a lifetime.

4. Vijayawada

Located on the banks of the river, Krishna Vijayawada is a gateway to see the culture and tradition. This mesmerizing destination offers a great tripĀ for travelers and people of all ages can have a great fun in the city. Gandhi Hill, Undavalli Caves, Kondapalli Fort are to be witnessed during the holiday. Apart from this one can shop for the best apparels especially sarees and spend a great vacation.

5. Visakhapatnam

The City of Destiny Visakhapatnam grabs the attention of travelers with the natural beauty and the peaceful environment. Being a major shore on the coastal line this city is worth of visiting during the holiday. One need to see Simhachalem, Kanaka Mahalaxmi Temple, Kailashgiri, Rishikonda, Bhimili and a few more during the trip. Spending an evening on the shore of the Bay of Bengal is a marvelous experience and people can see the beauty of the pleasant city in the Tenneti Park.

6. Lepakshi

Small yet a well known destination, Lepakshi, is situated nearby in Anathapur district. This region is known for the architectural beauty and the Lepakshi bull is a special attraction of the destination. Along with the huge statue of the Nandi, the whole region is a wonderful placeĀ filled with the mind blowing art and architectural splendors.

7. Rajahmundry

A major place in the East Godavari of Andhra Pradesh, located on the banks of the gorgeous river Godavari. The region is known for several eye catching attractions and travelers can see the Iskcon temple along with the bridge constructed by Sir Arthur standing as a special attraction. People tend to visit this destination during the time of Pushkar of the river Godavari. Tasting the traditions east Godavari dishes and sweet delicacies makes every traveler turn in to a food lover.

8. Annavaram

Situated on the banks of the river Pampa Annavaram is a pilgrimage center. The temple here is dedicated to Sri Satyanarayana Swamy and goddess Anantalaxmi Ammavaru. This is one beautiful destination loaded with natural wonders and the whole city turns to be much more opulent during the festivals and celebrations.

9. Horsley Hills

Drown in the scenic beauty of the picturesque location Horsley Hills, which is a summer resort of Andhra Pradesh. The Horsley Hills Museum, Environmental Park, Gaalibanda and a few more are to be seen during the holiday. Travelers can enjoy trekking and a few more adventurous activities at the mesmerizing location.

10. Hyderabad

Ex-capital of Andhra Pradesh and now a part of Telangana state Hyderabad is loaded with wonders. Starting from Golconda Fort, Charminar, Salarjung Museum, Birla Mandir and many more are to be seen on a holiday. A holiday is always incomplete without tasting the lip smacking Hyderabadi Biriyani.

*Photos provided by South India Tour and Kerala Travel