Bachelorette Game: “Ask the Groom”

Bachelorette games are the essence of making light fun of the bride-to-be and her future hubby. One of my personal favorite games is “Ask the Groom”. This game consists of asking questions to both the fiancés but starting with the groom – and they have to be asked in private and by themselves.

Once the answers are gathered from the groom, you will ask the bride the same question in front of everyone at the party and when she answers the same as the groom, she wins the round! If she answers it wrong from the groom, she pays the price. You can choose to make the “price” whatever you wish…chewing a gumball for every wrong answer (and letting them build up), taking a shot (only for age 21+ of course), or just getting a penalty. It’s also fun if you record the groom answering the questions and play it after the bride answers!

Here are some questions to ask the groom, and remember to throw in more couple personal questions to get the party going 😉

1. How did you two meet?

2. When was your first kiss?

3. Who was/is the bride’s best friend from high school?

4. Who was/is the groom’s best friend from high school?

5. Where was the groom/bride born?

6. What is your favorite body part of the bride?

7. What is the bride/groom’s favorite food?

8. What is the bride/groom’s favorite thing to do?

9. What color is the bride/groom’s eyes?

10. If the bride/groom won $1 million. What’s the first they would spend it on?

11. What of the groom’s habit is most annoying to the bride?

12. What was the first movie they watched together?

13. If the bride/groom could live in one city forever, what city would that be?

14. How many children do they want?

15. (If they live together) What is the one thing the bride wants to get rid of in the home?

Bonus: Let the groom make up questions just to see if his bride can answer it correctly. 

Do you have a good question? Tell us below!