What to Pack When Traveling with a Pet

Traveling is one of the best ways to spend some memorable time with your canine or feline friend. According to a survey by AAA and Best Western International, more than 50% of pet lovers in U.S. take their pets with them when they travel. If you’re also thinking of traveling with your pet, be sure to pack these 10 essential things to make your vacation with your pet more pleasant.

1. Identification

Make sure your pet wears an identification tag with accurate contact information. The ID tag must include an easily accessible number (your cell phone number) and address (both hotel and home address). You should also use a waterproof marker and waterproof tape.

2. A first-aid kit

You should keep a first-aid kit for minor cuts and scrapes. Pack the first-aid kit with essentials such as bandages, scissors, thermometer, and hydrogen peroxide or any anti-microbial cream. You can buy a first-aid kit from any pet store.

3. Crate

On vacation, there may be times when you have to leave your canine or feline friend in the hotel room. The crate will prevent your pet from dashing out in case the hotel staff opens the door. Keep in mind that some hotel policies also have the policy to do so.

4. Quality pet food

Quality pet food is the most important thing that you should take with you while going on vacation with your pet. Based on your pet’s daily consumption, you should calculate the quantity of food you need to bring. Try to bring the same brand and type of food that you give your pet at home. Also, bring enough water with you everywhere you go for your pet.

5. Your pet’s health records

These records may be required at some of the dog parks. In addition, if you want to use a day care, pet-sitter, or kennel services while traveling, they will need these records. You should also take your vet’s telephone number.

6. Harness or car seat

According to an AAA survey, approximately 52% of drivers admit to being distracted by petting their dogs. A car accident risk increases when you take your eyes off the road for more than two seconds. You should choose a harness that has been crash-tested.

7. Bowls

Collapsible travel bowls are best for trips, but you can also take regular bowls if that’s more convenient.

8. Toys

Favorite toys and blankets are good to have while traveling with pets because these toys can make your pet feel more comfortable.

9. Sunscreen

Some dogs and cats sunburn easily around their ears, nose, and other areas, so pack pet-specific sunscreen if you will be exposed in a lot of sunny areas.

10. Photos of your pet

In case your canine or feline companion gets separated from you, his recent photo can make it easy to create posters quickly. This photo can also be used to prove that the pet belongs to you.

Other pet travel tips:

  • You should consult your vet before any trip with pets, especially if this pet has not traveled before or has any health concerns.
  • If your pet gets nervous while traveling, you can consider getting a Thundershirt. These shirts are snug fitted and target pressure points. Vets often recommend it, because it’s a drug-free option for the animals that suffer from anxiety.
  • You book only pet-friendly hotels where you are allowed to take your canine companion or feline friend.