The Best Lincoln, Nebraska Bars for Husker Game Day

Being in Lincoln during a University of Nebraska home football game is like a spiritual awakening–you’ll make fun new friends, understand the value of good tailgate food (we’re looking at you, Fairbury hot dogs) and feel the crisp warmth that fall football wraps you in a cloak made of Husker pride.

Even if you’re rooting for the opponent–these are the places you will want to be found when it’s game day…

Barry’s Bar and Grill

235 N. 9th Street

Barry’s upholds strong Nebraska football tradition. If your family is from Nebraska, you’ve most likely heard epic tales from when they graced the premises at the corner of 9th and Q. While it’s now under new owners–you’ll still feel the same excitement and nostalgia those before us felt.

Fun fact: Legendary Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer once had the team bus drop him off at Barry’s. He said he was the namesake for the bar.

Pro tip: Get there early, grab a drink, and hang out on the roof deck to watch all the fans pour into Lincoln from I-80 fighting the traffic.

N Zone

728 Q Street

This is the underground hub of Husker sports. Seep into the basement and take in all the Husker energy. You’ll most likely find yourself elbow to elbow with all of the fans, but in a way it’s comforting because you’re all there for one reason–to cheer on the ‘Skers. Grab a spot towards the back and host a round of darts to get your blood pumping for some pre-game action.

Pro tip: Order the pizza sticks! They’re amazing. Also, connect to their WiFi, as the phone signal is tough underground.

Brass Rail

1436 O Street

If you’re down for some serious partying–The Brass Rail is your ticket to straight buffoonery. This place is what college student’s (and alumni) dreams are made of. Grab a special pitcher, find a booth, and watch the night’s magic unfold.

Pro tip: Anytime is a good time to head to Brass Rail, however, the large crowd will start to show it’s face later in the evening and after the game.

Embassy Suites Downtown

1040 P Street

This might not seem like your typical bar on the weekend, but it packs a large crowd. Get some fresh Nebraska air and head outside to the beer garden (also called “The Dock”) attached to the hotel and watch the waves of fans pass by on 10th Street.

Pro tip: If you need a place to watch the game, Embassy Suites is your hot ticket. They add a large screen inside the atrium for everyone to see the game live.

The Railyard

Canopy Street

The Railyard is the perfect location for enjoyable weather, a cold brew, and lots of friends. The Railyard is a state-of-the-art party central that offers multiple bars and resteraunts located in one area with unlimited boundaries to walk around with your alchoholic beverage (unless you leave The Railyard premises, of course). Within The Railyard gates, you’ll also find “The Cube”, which is the only place besides inside Memorial Stadium that will feature the Husker Vision feed to watch the tunnel walk!

Pro tip: Get an alcoholic slushie at Breezy Island Ice!


1401 O Street

Sandy’s might not seem like much when you first arrive, but once you sit down and enjoy a pitcher of Elm Creek Water, you’ll understand what the Sandy’s hype is all about. It’s the perfect gameday location because it’s in the heart of downtown Lincoln and you can get pitchers for your crew and make endless amounts of memories!

Pro tip: Get here before it gets busy later in the evening, otherwise you might be dealing with standing room only.

Tavern On the Square

816 P Street

Two words: Bloody Mary’s. They’re arguably the best in town at this fine establishment. Start the morning off with a drink at The Tavern and if it’s nice out (or you can brave the cold) hang out in the Square and play a round of baggo.

Pro tip: Get there early. The Tavern is a smaller bar so you’ll want to claim your spot before the crowds spill in.

Got a favorite place that’s not on this list? Tell us about it below!