Midtown NYC’s Best Happy Hours

Midtown New York City, are you having a rough work day? Need a drink but low on money? There’s one answer to this problem: Happy Hour. The hours of happiness to escape the fact that you have a huge presentation coming up, your boss is on your back 24-7 lately, or you’ve dealt with the world’s angriest people today. If you aren’t already aware of these midtown happy hour locations, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Russian Vodka Room

Not only is this place stuffed full with vodkas you wouldn’t even think existed, it also has a live piano player to help relax you even more. 4-7 p.m. is when you can get yourself an infused vodka for $4 or a $7 martini!

Betti Bar at Hourglass Tavern

Happy hour is, get this, from 5 to 10 p.m. What? Is this real life? Yes, yes it is. So if you want a little more hour in your happy this is definitely the bar for you.


Got a date soon? Well if you take them here between 4 and 7 you can get $2 off any wine or beer. Not to mention it has a romantic setting and a patio, granted the weather is cooperating. So no more taking your date to a dive just to get the cheaper drinks!

The Three Monkeys

This one has three floors, and happy hour from open to 8 p.m. The deals change everyday so it’s like a little surprise mixed in with your day, that doesn’t include a last minute presentation or paperwork.

Red Stixs

Another great date place, try the chinese cuisine with an on the house martini. ON THE HOUSE. I mean it doesn’t get much happier than that. 4-7 for this deal.

Has your heart burst? Do you want to burst out in Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ yet? Probably not yet but only because it isn’t happy hour! So kick your bad day to the curb and keep you and your wallet happy. Cheers!