Bachelorette Party Prizes

Now that you have the bachelorette party game(s) planned, spice up the challenge with these prizes on the line!

Starbucks gift card with coffee cup

Who doesn’t need a cup of joe or sips of refreshing tea? Jazz it up with a fun coffee mug!


Everyone loves a good candle, especially when they look like…cupcakes?


Honestly, this was added because HOW COOL IS THIS S’MORES SOAP?! I would love to see the person’s face who opens up this prize.

Photo Frames

You know great pictures will come out of the night (whether you want to see them again or not), might as well give the girls a frame to seal the memories in. Try these holographic photo frames for the fridge:

iPhone Covers

You can get very creative with an iPhone case. You can go silly, timeless, or down-right ridiculous. Who wouldn’t want a mermaid-inspired iPhone case that takes up half your face when you talk on it?

A purse or clutch

Bonus: The winner of this bad boy can take it out with them to the bar/club after the games and hold all of their valuables – because there’s nothing worse (or better) than a wild bachelorette party losing their new iPhone and ID.


Because it’s jewelry, duh. Everyone loves jewelry.


But not just any libation, get creative and jazz up the bottle and make everyone wish they could win the magnificent piece of artwork.

Don’t forget the presentation! Wrap the gifts in coordinating gift wrap and set them on top of a cake stand like this! I like to call it the “Prize Cake” (Creative, huh?).

Have another idea for a one-of-kind bachelorette prize? Share it with us below!