A Travefy User’s Journey to Ireland and Beyond

Hearing the travel stories from Travefy users is half the fun working here. When Travefy user, Phyllis, went on a month-long adventure exploring Scotland, Ireland, and New York City–we had to hear more!

Phyllis and her friends visited Scotland, Ireland, passed through parts of England to see Stonehenge, and Wales to catch the ferry in Dublin with a quick stop to NYC for a broadway show on the way there – Talk about a diverse trip! We caught up with Phyllis to get the scoop on her globe-trotting vacation and we gained good insight on travel planning tips, best places to stop, and what driving in Scotland and Ireland is like (spoiler: it’s not easy)!

What were the biggest highlights on the trip that everyone loved?

“There were so many! We enjoyed spending one night in a hotel created from three old fisherman cottages right on the bay in Portree, the Isle of Skye, Scotland. With amazing views from the second floor room, the hotel had so much history and character.”

“The Scotish highlands are wild beautiful. A wonderful area to visit. I enjoyed the town of Fort Augusts on Loch Ness. The town is quaint as well as very welcoming. We stayed in a restored Abbey and Fort, the original architecture is beautiful and has been kept as true as possible while creating self-catering apartments that are individually owned. This is a historical gem worth checking out, you can visit their site here.”

What recommendations do you have for planning travel and keeping everything organized?

“Begin creating your itinerary with the very first reservation made and then continue tracking each reservation, idea, expense and places to visit on a daily basis. When you finish, you will find that you have a complete, understandable itinerary already completed.”

Start Creating Your Travel Itinerary

What was the most eye-opening experience from the trip?

“The most eye-opening experience was driving in Scotland and Ireland. Not only do you drive on the opposite side of the road from the U.S. but the roads, cars and parking spots are much smaller. Rural roads often have two-way traffic on a “single track” road which is one lane. All of this combined can be disconcerting and frightening. It also takes much longer to travel from one place to another compared to the U.S. – absolutely beautiful landscapes though.”

How did using Travefy help plan your trip and make it awesome?

“I was able to put everything we had purchased…tickets or reservations into Travefy along with confirmation numbers, address/phone number for events, time for check-in/check-out and all other needed information that we might need when using reservations. We created PDF’s of our completed itinerary and sent those to family members so they would know how to contact us if necessary and could follow along to see where we were and doing each day.

I also found ideas for things to do through the ideas link on Travefy and placed those links as well as others I found online. We could each access the information on Travefy at our own convenience to see what had been added to the trip. With busy schedules, this was extremely helpful. The expense tool was also easy to use and kept track of who had paid for what and who owed money to whom throughout the entire planning process. When we departed for the trip all charges were taken care of.”

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