20 Unique Bachelorette Party Favors

Throwing a bachelorette party is a blessing with a pinch of hard work. After all, this is the night that everyone is looking forward to–it’s the last hoorah before you send your bride down the aisle! Once you get the theme of your party down and what’s going on, you have one last thing to do…get the party favors!

You can keep the favors simple and cheap or go in with a few other girls and make it more elaborate!

1. Custom Wine or Champagne

Price: $6+  per person

Purchase the perfect wine and champagne bottle and either print off labels yourself or order them online on sites like Etsy! Usually, you can buy them in a bundle or one by itself. If you opt to print them from home, you can purchase the labels from stores like OfficeMax and it will sometimes come with a template to help you create the label.

2. Hangover Kit

Price: $7+ per person

If you’re planning on getting a little rowdy the night of the party, have these on hand and your party guests will thank you the next morning! You can make your own hangover kit or order them ready-to-go from Etsy.

Want to make it yourself? Here’s a list of thing to include:

  • Water
  • Hair ties
  • Mini mouthwash bottle
  • Mints
  • Granola bar
  • Advil
  • Gum
  • Emergen-C

3. Monogrammed Beach Towel

Price: $15+ per person

Perfect for the bachelorette beach party! You can have the towels personalized or monogrammed. If you want to keep the costs low, keep them simple with a fun pattern and don’t personalize.

4. Party Tattoos

Price: $2+ per person

Keep the party group connected with matching wrist tats. You can order these bad boys off Etsy and choose from hundreds of designs.

5. Personalized Glasses/Bottles

Price: $6+ per person

This is an awesome party favor because everyone can use it right away! The fun part is choosing the glass…Go for a plastic cup, water bottle, wine glass, or an adult sippy cup!

6. Drink Mix Kit

Price: $5+ per person

Put together a mini kit to make a drink with! You can pair an OJ and a mini champagne bottle, a Jack Daniels shooter and Coke – the possibilities are endless!

7. Picture Frame

Price: $7+ per person

You’ll need to remember the night somehow, right? Get personalized frames for everyone to take home and make sure to take a group photo before the night begins so everyone can fill their frame!

8. Free Activity

Price: $10+ per person

Who says a party favor needs to be an actual thing? Why not take the gals somewhere for free? Like, free cosmic bowling or wine tasting on the host?

9. Personalized Shot Glass

Price: $5+ per person

Who doesn’t love their own take-home shot glass? You can personalize each shot glass for the party (ex. Sara’s Last Fling) or customize each one with the guest’s name!

10. Hats

Price: $15+ per person 

Spending a day in the sun? A hat is perfect for this occasion! Choose a floppy beach hat or a monogrammed baseball hat!

11. Mini Spa Kit

Price: $10+ per person

You can do this in multiple ways: if the party is going to a spa, then make a gift bag full of things they will need (hair clip, hair tie, chapstick, nail polish, etc). You can purchase pre-made kits on Etsy or DIY with these items:

  • Bath salt
  • Candle
  • Eye mask
  • Body butter

12. CD Mix

Price: $1 per person

Relive the glory days with a homemade mixed CD! Pull together a list of each person’s favorite party song and put the tracks together on one disk. Don’t forget to make the CD cover and list of songs! Here’s your chance to pull out the Sharpies and decorate CD’s again.

13. Personalized Stunner Shades

Price: $5+ per person

Everyone loves a good pair of party sunglasses, it’s a fact of life. You can buy shades in bulk online or if you have a steady hand, make them yourself by buying plain shades and painting them.

14. Yummy Treats

Price: $1+ per person

Make something delicious to give guests or buy a treat for each person at a local bakery!

15. Party Totes/Bags

Price: $8+ per person 

These are great favors because you use them over and over again!

16. First drink, FREE!

Price: $3+ per person

When the party heads out to the bars, buy the first round of drinks (or shots)!

17. Hair Ties

Price: $2+ per person

Not only are these totally adorable, but come in handy when the night starts to retire and/or when the gals need to tie their hair back when getting down on the dance floor!

18. Matching Swag

Price: $8+ per person

Let everyone know who you are everywhere you go! Get matching shirtssocks, or practically anything to wear!

19. Personalized Koozies

Price: $5+ per person

Koozies are pretty much essential when you’re outside drinking a cold beverage, so why not dress up the can a bit with a personalized koozie?

20. Party in a Bag (or Box)

Price: $9+ per person 

Start the party off with a…party! Put together a bag or box full of goodies with shades, alchohol shooters, fun candy, the night’s itinerary, and whatever else you need to get the part started.