Tame Bachelorette Party Ideas

We get it. Not every bachelorette is down for an entire weekend full of drinks, parties, and phallic objects. The great thing is that there’s so many options for our brides that the bachelorette party ideas are endless! Whether you just want a couple glasses of vino with your best gals, a simple and easy night out on the town, or a sleepover–we have you covered. You can even mix some of these ideas into one fun-filled day!

Workout Class


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Sweat it out for the wedding with your party! That way no one feels guilty after a full night of binge eating and drinks. Try an Aerial Class, get your groove on in Zumba or belly dancing, pulse it out in Barre, or find your inner zen at a yoga class.



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Remember the sleepovers you used to have when you were younger? Full of Truth or Dare and prank calling your crushes? Well, consider this the grown-up version (but still feel free to prank call your fiancé). Watch your favorite movie, lay out the snacks, and enjoy a glass of wine while laughing all night long with your ladies.

Horseback Riding


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Whether you’re by the beach, mountains, or the prairie–catch some spectacular views with your gals (and horses) by your side. Ride to a remote location and bring a basket of snacks and wine or have a picnic. It’s definitely a fun and unique way  to spend your bachelorette party. Don’t forgot to get matching shirts that say Name’s Last Ride”!

Bachelorette VS. Bachelor Games


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Who says you can’t beat the boys during your bachelorette party to a little game of softball, football, or another sport? Gather up both crews and hit up a local park for a game of your choosing and make matching shirts, stock the coolers, and make a night full of memories. You could also make it Olympic-style, full of crazy games like “don’t drop the egg”, marshmallow eating, etc.

Spa Day


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Ah, just take a deep breath and relax. Spend a day away from the wedding planning unwinding and unplugging from the world. Plus, it will give you a pre-wedding radiant glow!

Ball on a Budget & Keep it Simple


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There’s no shame in keeping the bachelorette party simple and affordable for everyone. After all, the wedding isn’t cheap and your wedding party is already investing in dresses, hotel, etc. So do them and yourself a favor and find an inexpensive option. Check out Groupon and search for wine tastings, brewery tours, fancy dinners, massages, etc. The possibilities are truly endless. You can even search Groupon through ideas on your Travefy itinerary!

Go Skydiving


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Want to really make your bachelorette party unforgettable? Nobody can forget the time they faced fears head-on and jumped out of a plane! You can even check Groupon for cheaper rates and deals in your area.

Murder Mystery Dinner


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Who doesn’t love a good scandal? Bring your girls to a local murder mystery dinner at a local theatre or host one yourself! The best part is you can dress accordingly to the theme. You can dust off your old dance outfits or Halloween costumes and become Sherlock Holmes for the night.

Bachelorette Give-Back Party


Before the shenanigans of the night’s festivities begin, why not help out the community and volunteer all day? You could host a habitat for humanity party and help a local family or spend a day helping out local charities.

Cooking Class


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Learn how to make yummy foods to surprise your future husband with! Attend a cooking class with your ladies and bonus–you’ll get dinner too! And you can brag that you made it 😉

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