Firework Shows that Pack a Big Punch

With the Fourth of July six days away our American pride is on a full blown high. Having the National Anthem and Katy Perry’s “Firework” replaying in your head and planning your big celebration means all systems go. While I’m sure the fireworks you buy to set off every year are spectacular don’t forget to take the family out for an hour to one of the big shows too!

Saint Louis

Also known as “America’s Biggest Birthday Party,” St. Louis lets off around 15,000 pounds of fireworks from the third to the fourth right on the Mississippi River along with concerts, exhibits, and performances on the fourth.

Kaboom Town, Dallas

This 19,000 person town grows to 500,000 on the fourth to see the 30-minute huge show along with a pre show of aerobatics and pyrotechnics.

Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

Taking it back to the home of some of the biggest American history Boston puts on a 20,000 pound fireworks show to show just how much they love the good old USA. Katy Perry told it all because Boston really is basically just a firework on the fourth.

New York City

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade isn’t the only huge event they push out each year. They also have a 40,000 firework 25 minute show that 3 million people see throughout the city.

Lake Tahoe

Right on the border of California and Nevada the 6,000 shell display isn’t just your regular old fireworks. They pull out the big guns with fireworks shaped like jellyfish, butterflies and the oh so american stars.

So pack up the family after the barbeque and head on over to see the firework displays of your wildest dreams. Don’t get too close though, we don’t want you turning into a human firecracker.

Let us know your favorite shows in the comments!