Best Titanic Museums in the World

The most famous shipwreck in the world’s history is both seemingly breathtaking and a tragedy. On April 14, 1912, the ship sank in the cold North Atlantic Ocean due to hitting an iceberg. While visiting the actual grave is something only few have had the opportunity to do, there are many places around the world where you can explore the artifacts and history that this legacy ship has left behind.

Here are five of the top museums from around the world:

1. Titanic Museum – Branson, Missouri, USA

The owner of this museum co-led a 6 million dollar expedition to the site of the Titanic shipwreck site, diving multiple times to uncover history. The expedition crew took hundred of photos which have now become some of the most famous for documentaries and shows. One of the most spectacular attractions at the Brandon Titanic Museum is the two-story replica of the ship which includes a grand staircase, walkable decks, various artifacts, and many historic survivor stories.

2. SeaCity Museum – Southhampton, England

This location is particularly special for Titanic’s legacy because this is where she spent most of her life. This museum hosts a variety of over 4,000 artifacts recovered from the wreckage site including cutlery, menu cards, dinnerware, letters, and multiple survivor stories.

3. Titanic the Experience – Buena Park, California, USA

What makes this museum so extraordinary is that it offers a real-life experience with tour guides portraying notable passengers and crew members that will take you back in time to 1912. They will guide you through the exhibit allowing you tot take your time looking at over 250 authentic artifacts recovered from the wreckage site. The museum even hosts first-class dinner parties that you can reserve and attend for special events.

4. Titanic Museum – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is where Titanic was “born and raised”, so it’s no surprise that this museum will offer a one-of-a-kind experience. The six-floor museum tour begins with a history of Belfast as an industrial empire and then moves to the conception, construction, launch, and maiden voyage of the Titanic. Inside you will discover detailed information on how the “Ship of Dreams” was built and stories of passengers and crew who were aboard the vessel.

5. Maritime Museum – Halifax Nova Scotia

What makes Halifax Nova Scotia so unique is that it is the location from where the Carpathia sailed from. The Carpathia was the ship who picked up Titanic’s final distress call and responded, saving countless lives. This museum has a large collection of artifacts from the remains of the Titanic. Including preserved items such as a deskchair and large pieces of oak carvings.