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Helene in Between

At Travefy, we like to throw the spotlight on travel pros and bloggers that we’re falling in love with.

Meet Helene, an amazing blogger who has traveled near and far.

We had the opportunity to interview Helene to hear about her adventures in Amsterdam, Santorini, and beyond.

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Travefy: How did you find your way into travel and blogging?

Helene: I’ve always been a traveler. From a very young age travel was incorporated into my long summers and winter breaks. My parents instilled in me that to travel is the real way to live. So really, my blog follows my traveling and the trips I take are inspired by my sense of adventure. I started blogging in 2012 after falling 20 feet from rock climbing. I had so much time on my hands so I began writing. I then realized I absolutely loved this outlet to share my experiences with others and knew that I wanted to focus on travel as soon as I was back to normal.

T: What has been one of the best, most eye-opening experiences you’ve had while traveling?

H: When I was in Amsterdam we met an older gentleman who explained his lifestyle: in the summer months he spends his time in Amsterdam and in the winter he goes back to his home in New Zealand, and each month he manages to travel to somewhere different. I was fascinated with how he was able to manage his work schedule while still traveling. He looked my straight in the eye and asked how many hours a week I typically worked. I told him around 40-50. He replied at the top of his lungs, “50 hours a week! That’s criminal!” While this might be typical for an American, it made me realize what is truly important in life, and to me, that’s seeing as much of the world and I possible can.

T: What has been one of the most frustrating/terrible experiences you’ve had traveling?

H: My blog tagline is “It’s all good.” I tend to find that even bad experiences give you insight into something wonderful. BUT, of course, I have one. I was newly married and was taking a trip to Belgium for a music festival then heading to Paris and Amsterdam. I am a planner and had everything in order, except for one tiny detail: my passport still had my maiden name.

I wound up still getting on the plane, but the journey home was fraught and frustration. I sprinted through the German airport (we had a layover there from Paris) and I was treated like a fool. It was, after all, completely my fault. Lesson learned: always check your passport.

T: Hands down, what’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?

H: On the island of Santorini there’s a tiny restaurant that faces the coast. They make their own alcohol, cheese, and of course olive oil. I asked the owner if he ever ventures to the other islands and he replied with, “There’s no need when you’re in Santorini.” I tend to agree. The picturesque beaches painted against the stark white building looks like a dream. The food is delicious and fresh and the people are kind of interesting. Echoed throughout the streets is “Siga, Siga!” Slowly, Slowly. The Greeks have a wonderful outlook on life and remind me to slow down and smell the pink volcanic flowers.

T: What’s your best-kept secret/tip for other planning a trip to a place they don’t know about?

H: Pack everything in a backpack. On my first trip overseas to Europe I had two cumbersome suitcases filled with a variety of clothing options. I think I wore 1/3rd of the clothes brought. Now, I lay everything out and choose layers and options I know I can wear over and over again. Lightweight options that I can tie around my waist and shoes I can wear day and night.

Comfort is key and walking 3 miles to my hotel requires that I pack as lightly as possible. Also, I always carry on. That way I never lose my luggage.

T: What’s the next trip you’re going on?

H: I feel like I’ve seen so many European and American places, but I’ve never traveled to Asia. In November, I’m spending two weeks in South East Asia. The plan is to explore Bangkok, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Our itinerary starts off in Bangkok, we’re flying Singapore airlines (our flights were only $865!) and spending a few days there. We’ll spend some time on the beaches in Thailand. Next, we’ll go to Cambodia and then we’ll fly to Vietnam and spend time in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

T: What’s your favorite travel accessory/gadget?

H: I’m obsessed with seeing how many miles I’ve walked and steps I’ve taken every day while traveling. Usually, my walking increases ten-fold while I travel. I always wear my Fitbit and bring an extra charged. Recently, in Arizona I hiked the Grandview trail (the hardest hike in the Grand Canyon!) and my Fitbit told me that on just the hike alone I burned over 3,000 calories and walked 22,000 steps.

I feel like having the Fitbit allows me to track my milestones and encourages me to keep in shape so I can continue to experience all the places I want to travel to.

About Helene

Helene was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She’s currently on the move to Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two dogs. Along with blogging, her passions include electronic dance music, flip flips, shaved ice, and dancing whenever possible. She has a degree in Communications and is an avid social media influencer and marketing maven. In addition to running her blog she also helps bloggers and businesses find their voice and establish an online presence.

Want to follow Helene through her adventures? Follow her on her blog at Helene in Between, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.