Top Asheville Craft Beer Tours

If you are into the craft beer movement, brew your own stuff at home, or are always willing to toss a good craft beer tour into your travel plans, then you will love these Asheville craft beer tours. Asheville has, for a long time, been considered Beer City USA and its local breweries are holders of many prestigious beer awards.

With the weather getting warmer and sunnier, summer is the best time to plan a trip to this scenic mountain town to enjoy its lively music scene, warm locals, and watering holes boasting more than 100 local brews on tap.

1. Bruisin’ Ales

Kick off your Asheville craft beer tour in the Bruisin’ Ales, a small specialty shop packed with thousands of items from all around the world. It is the ultimate beer lover’s treasure trove where you can sip and shop and mix a six with favorites from the store.

2. Asheville Brews Cruise

Just like the Roman ruins or the NYC iconic landmarks, the story of Asheville is best told through its craft beer history and culture. The Brews Cruise offer guided tours of the city’s leading brewers, a “city pass” that provides you with transportation, an expert guide, and lots of goodies such as beer samples and souvenir glasses.

3. Race To The Taps

Runners and craft beer enthusiasts will love the opportunity to combine both passions into one series of 6 boozy 4-mile races. Each specific Race To The Taps is hosted by a local microbrewery and its course is designed to be accessible to all while highlighting the neighborhood where the brewery is located.

4. Farm-to-Tap

After touring the local brewery, if you haven’t discovered the secret behind their perfectly-crafted nectars, then maybe you should go up the supply chain to the farms where the hops is produced.

In Asheville, that would be Hop’N’Blueberry, a sun-and-wind-powered farm with a butterfly flight house, blueberry field, and a dedication to educate the public on hops. You can take the harvest tour and sample beers made from the hops.

5. Mountain music

Like we mentioned above, Asheville is as popular for its mountain music as much as for its craft beer scene. Pisgah Brewery has decided to mix both by offering the public a series of outdoor concerts where participants can enjoy live performances, great summer weather, and refreshing organic beers. The brewery itself is located in the Black Mountain, approximately 10 miles out of Asheville.

6. The Bywater

Another awesome outdoor experience in town for beer lovers is picnic time at the Bywater, a private club by the French Broad River. There are grills for barbecue cookouts and lots of space for outdoor games. Don’t forget the beer selection on tap, among a large variety of booze available for members to enjoy. Yes, member; which means you will have to pay an admission fee. Totally worth it!

7. Movie Night

Just to show you how hip Asheville is, they even have outdoor screenings during summertime. The Wedge Brewery Company shows cult flicks in their outdoor theater, giving patrons a good excuse to delve into their famous Iron Rail IPA.

If you rather take it indoors, head North of town to Asheville Pizza and Brewery. They have mouthwatering pizza pies, must-see movies, and a family-friendly game room in one cozy comfortable place.

8. Nano Brews

Forget microbrews, Thirsty Monk has one of the coolest Asheville craft beer tours where they serve experimental concoctions. For a microbrewery specialized in Belgian-style ales, you just know you will be tasting some good stuff.

9. Hit the Slope

No skiing involved but plenty of slaloming between Asheville’s newest breweries such as Burial Beer Co., Green Man Brewery, and Hi-Wire Brewing. The South Slope is a fast-growing brewery district which extends Downtown Asheville and the selection of local craft beers available.

Yes, Asheville, NC is a craft beer lover’s paradise but also vibrant live music town and an outdoor adventurer’s nest.

There is so much unique things to do in Asheville other than craft beer tours, including tasting wine at the Biltmore Estate and exploring the Asheville Botanical Garden and North Carolina Arboretum. Here is everything you need to know if you wish to explore Asheville this summer.