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Top 5 Luxurious Log Cabins in The US

In honor of Log Cabin Day, which is this June 28th, we wanted to change the perception you have of this rustic lost-in-nature structures forever. For that we hand-picked the most luxurious log cabins in America, just to show you that one can enjoy all the romance of being close to nature in the most rustic and down-to-earth without having to give up on the comforts they crave.

Below are just 5 over-the-top log cabins with sumptuous interior decor located in heavenly natural settings you will never want to leave.


1. Dunton Hot Springs – Dolores, Colorado

Luxurious log cabin: Dunton Hot Springs

photo credit: duntonhotsprings

Built on an abandoned gold rush town, Dunton Hot Springs thrives on contradictions. Although it has kept much of its ghost-town rustic look on the outside, its interior is splendid, well furnished, offering all the top-class amenities you can dream of.

Dunton Hot Springs is available for group booking, meaning that you can be the new sheriffs in town and the head of your expeditions to visit nearby Sutcliffe Vineyards and its exquisite productions.


2. Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur, California

Post Ranch Inn: luxury log cabins and treehouses

photo credit: mpora

This is the ultimate romantic escape for those looking for over-the-edge treehouses and cabins with breathtaking ocean views. In fact, Post Ranch Inn was designed to perfectly blend into the majestic Big Sur coastline where it thrones.

Post Ranch Inn offers wood-and-glass “log cabins” but also stand-alone treehouses sitting on nine-foot tilts. They all come with all the comforts you’d expect for $550 per night.


3. Brush Creek Ranch – Saratoga, Wyoming

Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga Wyoming.

photo credit: decohubs

Rustic inside-out, the luxurious log cabins at the Brush Creek Ranch have the perfect mix of Western decor and over-the-top amenities. Guests can choose between cabin residences and suites among a wide array of accommodations, including high-mountain yurts for an unforgettable glamping experience.

There are also tons of outdoor activities available from horse riding to fishing, and much more, making this the ultimate destination for outdoor adventurers with a distinctive taste of the finer things in life.


4. Steamboat Bay Fishing Club – Noyes Island, Alaska

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

photo credit: prweb

For the ultimate sportfishing experience, the Steamboat Bay Fishing Club provides two luxurious log cabins to accommodate large groups of gamers. These large hand-crafted cabins offers both unmatched waterfront and forest views of the Bay but also the only civilized comfort in this untamed part of Alaska.

Anglers come to the Steamboat Bay lodge to enjoy the pristine wilderness of the Noyes Island and the bountiful wildlife living in the Northeast Alaska. It is common to spot the humpback whale and other fish species endemic to the region.


5. El Capitan Canyon – Santa Barbara, California

El Capitan Canyon Luxurious Log Cabin

photo credit: mngirlila

If you want a rewarding first glamping experience, El Capitan Canyon is the right place to go. Not only does the ranch offers adventure yurts and safari tents but the cedar luxurious log cabins are supreme, decked with everything you need to make your stay memorable.

Whether you decide to go on a romantic getaway or a family weekend, you will be charmed by the beauty of the El Capitan Canyon region and the Creek.


What is the most beautiful luxurious log cabin you ever stayed in? Tell us in the comments below.

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