Kamchatka Peninsula: Russia’s Pristine Destination

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a 1250-km-long piece of land in the far eastern corner of Russia. It is a place which is often shrouded in thick fog and the land is covered in ice and snow.

Largely undisturbed by man, it provides an unforgettable travel experience to those willing to visit and mingle with the 400,000 people who call this place home — more than half of which live in the only major city, Petropavlovsk.

Whether you are a curious visitor or a serious backpacker, you will undoubtedly be wowed by the unbelievable natural beauty of the area.

Flora, Fauna & Animals

There are over 1,000 species of plants on this Kamchatka Peninsula. When in full bloom, they offer a most spectacular sight enhanced by the dramatic volcanic terrains.

There is also a wide variety of animals, from brown bears to snow sheeps to reindeer, wolves and foxes. The coastal areas also have their own attractions with nine different species of whales, sea otters and hundreds of stellar sea eagles.


The Kamchatka Peninsula is home to the largest active volcano in the entire Northern hemisphere. There are actually 300 volcanoes on this small piece of land and 29 of them are still active.

For adventurous travelers and extreme tourists, there are hikes to get up close on foot. To gaze into an active volcano and stand feet away from a hot geyser is something quite unique. For the rest of us, flying over them is safer and will give fantastic views of their beauty and majestic sizes.

Touring- Package Holidays

The majority of tourists visit the Kamchatka Peninsula as part of an organized tour. This is due to the limited infrastructure and the risk of avalanches or even wild animal attacks.

Additionally, many of the impressive sites that can be visited are only accessible via a pre-organized tour. While these groups are never larger than twenty people, you could always opt for private tours, limited to two to four people.

The most expensive tours will include helicopter trips or, at the least, transport via 4wd jeep. Most destinations have fixed charges as they are set by the helicopter companies.

Travelling Independently

It is possible to arrange your own travel and accommodation to enable you to explore this beautiful land. However, when visiting it is crucial to ensure your personal safety as bear attack are frequent.

Most independent tourists like to hike up Mount Avachinskaya followed by a trek to Nalychevo Valley. The path is well marked and relatively easy to traverse.

Another popular option is the 10-hour bus ride from Petropavlovsk to Bystrinsky Nature Park which has scenic trails that allow tourists to experience the Kamchatka Peninsula in a most unique way.

Experienced hikers should pick up a local guide and venture on longer treks into the pristine wilderness of these lands. Because Kamchatka Peninsula is a challenging travel destination that should be explored by professionals, a guide will provide another layer of safety.

Although remote, the Kamchatka Peninsula is geographically active with its breathtaking geysers, hot springs, and volcanoes. The region comprises the southernmost vastest arctic tundra in the whole world, meaning that the specific fauna here is truly unique and spectacular.

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