Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Travel on “The Bachelor”?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel on The Bachelor? Well, wonder no more. We reviewed the trips and created our very own itinerary emulating the trips and dates that Chris Soules and the lucky ladies traveled in season 19 of ABC’s hit TV show The Bachelor. The best part? No one will send you home during your travels. So consider yourself winning a rose at each stop!

Checkout an itinerary review of the travel locations or view some of the highlighted destinations below.

The Bachelor Mansion | Agoura, CA

Ah, what a sight to see. This is where it all begins. Unfortunately, the mansion is off-limits, but don’t let that stop you from driving by to catch a glimpse of where so many romantic (and not so romantic) nights have been spent.

Zombie Hunt in Mesa Verde | Nevada

Yup, we’re going there. When creating the itinerary, we realized that Ashley I. might be right. The girls very well may have been in Mesa Verde, because the previous dates before the zombie hunt were close by. Good observation, Ashley I.

Jimmy Kimmel & Costco Date | Agoura, CA

Who can forget this glamourous date? You’re heading back to the same Costco where Chris and Kaitlyn date-shopped for Jimmy Kimmel’s list of tables, chairs, and several cases of ketchup and paper towels.

We can’t promise an appearance by Jimmy Kimmel but can we guarantee a good time.

Wedding Crash at Walnut Grove | Moorpark, CA

Want a date like Chris and Whitney’s first one-on-one? Head to Walnut Grove where the two infamously crashed a wedding instead of having a picnic. The Walnut Grove hosts breathtaking weddings and events that will make you feel like you’re living in a Pinterest board.

Go Camping | Lake Piru, CA

Here’s your chance to free yourself from the city lights and have some fun in the sun like the ladies did on their date to Lake Piru. Pitch a tent, roast s’mores, and enjoy the natural scenery this park offers.

Get Dirty at MuckFest | San Francisco, CA

Find a bridal gown and make your way to the obstacle course! Chris and the girls embark on a muddy quest through the popular obstacle race, MuckFest MS. While MuckFest MS might not be in town during your stay, you can always make a trip to the other cities that this muddy race visits.

Dinner Date at Fairmont Hotel | San Francisco, CA

After winning MuckFest, take a shower and treat yourself to a dinner overlooking the city. This is the scene where Jillian ruined her chances with Chris after she kept talking and wasn’t very lady-like about it. Which is sort of ironic, considering they were just running in mud hours prior.

White-water Rafting | Rio Grande River, New Mexico

The day is filled with adventure as you raft down the Rio Grande River. Don’t fall out, you won’t have Chris to rub your feet warm like he did for Jade and made everyone jealous.

Horseback Riding | Deadwood, SD

Ride off into the sunset with Chris or Becca’s horse. Seriously, you can actually ride the same horses used in this episode at Blacktail Horseback Tours.

Take a Hike | The Badlands in South Dakota

Remember that one time two girls made Chris flustered and he left them in the badlands? We can promise you that the Badlands is actually a good time without all the drama. Although, I don’t think they usually keep a bed in the middle of the national park. They do however have one-of-a-kind sights to see and hiking trails that are out of this world.

Discover Your Inner Artist | Des Moines, IA

Visit one of the many art museums in Des Moines or be an artist yourself and take some photographs while exploring the city like Whitney and Chris did. And visit that infamous mural in downtown Des Moines.

Final Stop | Bali, Indonesia

What a beautiful way to end The Bachelor excursion! Hang out with the locals, feed the monkeys, and go on an ocean boat cruise all while reminiscing the journey you were just on.