29 Things To Love About Summer

Aw Summer, you beautiful you. Only time of year, friends and families come together to celebrate life. Not for some special occasions or because they have to, but they really want to. The weather is beautiful and there are thousands of reasons to give into long, fun, outdoor activities.

To those still contesting the supremacy of summer as the best of the four seasons, here are 29 reasons we love summertime and we think you should too. But do you really need convincing?

1. Warm weather

2. Extra Daylight

3. Outdoor fun time

4. Summer outdoor festivals

5. You just want to hang out with friends…

6. And staying out late

7. Tropical cocktails

8. In rooftop bars

9. Homemade lemonade

10. Ice cream!

11. Other delicious ways to stay cool

12. Flip flops, shorts, and tank tops

13. Family vacations (for better or worse)

14. Long long walks…

15. Through beautiful gardens

16. Love is always in the air

17. So are summer weddings

18. Pool parties

19. Beach fun

20. Waterpark

21. Hot summer jams – music sounds better in summer

22. Picnics

23. Barbecue

24. 4th of July

25. Fireworks

26. Hiking with friends

27. … And then camping out

28. S’mores

29. Road trips

And you, what do you love most about summertime? Tell us in the comments