10 Tips For Healthy Travel

Whether you take frequent business trips or you are on a week long vacation, staying healthy while traveling can be tricky. Long car rides or flights can wreak havoc on your back and your immune system.

It can be difficult to stick to your healthy eating habits when you are away from home as well. Healthy travel habits will not only keep you on track, they will also help you enjoy your trip.

Staying Healthy in the Air

Airplanes are not the healthiest places in the world. High cabin pressure, lowered levels of oxygen, humidity, and the germs associated with recycled air and close quarters are a bad combination. The other issue is that long periods of sitting coupled with the cabin pressure don’t do your circulation any favors. Here are some suggestions for easing these issues during a long flight.

1. Stay hydrated. The lowered humidity dries out your skin and further impedes circulation. This is a very important healthy travel tip! Don’t forget to drink water.

2. You may not be able to sneak in a workout while sitting in your cramped seat, but you can help alleviate the situation by contracting your leg muscles, particularly your calves. Even tapping your feet is an effective way to boost your circulation while you are sitting.

3. Load up on vitamins B and C. You may want to consider a supplement specifically geared to healthy travel. to help give you immune system a boost to fight off whatever is floating around in the air.

Staying Fit on the Road

Some hotels have gyms so you can continue working out without a break in your routine. If you are going to be away for more than a couple of days and you don’t feel okay about skipping the gym, you can often get free two-week passes at local gyms.

4. Workout in your hotel gym to keep up with your routine.

5. No gym? No problem. You can get a great body weight workout right in your hotel room.

6. Bring resistance bands with you to get an effective workout away from home.

7. Head outside. If you are on vacation, get outside and walk or run. You can get in some exercise while exploring your surroundings.

Eating Right

It can be a struggle to eat right when you are away from home. It may be tempting to fill up on unhealthy snack, overindulge at local restaurants, or forget to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

A few days into your trip you may notice that you feel sluggish because you have thrown your healthy eating habits out the window.

8. Bring healthy snacks with you. Nutrition bars, nuts and dried fruit are good choices.

9. Find a farmer’s market and stock up on local fresh fruit.

10. Avoid fast food. Instead, try new foods like healthy local cuisines.

Keep these healthy travel tips in mind next time you are on vacation or a business trip. Staying fit and eating right will help keep your energy up so that you won’t feel like you need a vacation after your vacation.

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