Travefy Talks Italy With Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Here at Travefy, we like to keep up with our fellow travelers. We recently got to talk to Stephanie Brinkerhoff of Hair and Make Up By Steph about her upcoming trip to Italy. Not only is she doing hair for a wedding in Capri, but she’s made an entire trip out of it. So we had to get the deets of course! Eating Italian food is totally recommended while reading. Hey, we’ve got to live vicariously as much as we can!

With 1000’s of travel options, why Italy?

SB; I do hair and makeup for weddings for a living, and I was hired to do hair and makeup for a wedding in Capri, Italy, so we decided to make a road trip out of it and see the whole country.

We are going to road trip all the way from the North of Italy down to Capri, starting in Milan and seeing Lake Como, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast.  It’s going to be a whirlwind trip!

What are you looking forward to most?

SB; It’s so hard to decide what I’m most excited for!  I’m sure Venice will be incredible.

We’re going to take the boat trip out to Burano (pictured above) which I’m super excited about.  We are also taking all of the back roads and scenic routes through Chianti and Tuscany, which will be amazing.  And the Amalfi Coast looks incredible!

What travel planning tips do you have or secrets?

SB; Start planning way in advance!

I started planning this trip in January, and we leave in June.  Most of the villas and vacation rentals and hotels I wanted to book were already filling up back in March.  Because I started planning so early I was able to get all of the places I wanted.

Speaking of that, when you are traveling with a group, skip the hotels.  Vacation rentals are the way to go!  They are so much more authentic, and usually end up being a better price.  Plus you can stay in more remote places (which I love) where it would be hard to find a hotel.

What are your best tips/tricks for hair or makeup while traveling?

SB; I tend to go with styles that are quick, relaxed, and won’t look bad if they get messed up.  Beach curls and braids are my go-to’s on vacations because they are so fast and look good when they get messy.

I also always get eyelash extensions before I travel.  Saves me so much time in the morning doing my makeup!

Favorite travel accessories?

SB; I always make sure I have a portable charger for my phone and laptop too so I can charge on the go if I need to.   We take our ipad on flights (with our portable charger) and preload it with a bunch of tv shows and movies that are already downloaded.  Makes the flights go so much faster!

And I never go anywhere without my canon eos-m.  It’s a smaller camera that still shoots in raw, I love it!

How can followers follow your trip?

SB; They can look at my shared itinerary, or I’ll be posting daily to my IG and FB (@hairandmakeupbysteph), plus I’ll do a recap post on my blog once I get back (

Traveling must haves for hair/makeup?

SB; I have a mini Sedu blow dryer that I love.  Other then that I just stock up on travel size hair products and take my flat iron, plus some cute hair scarves, and that’s it!

I keep my makeup simple on vacations too.  Who has time to do makeup when you have a whole country to see?! Hence, the lash extensions.  Also make sure you get the right outlet converters and adaptors so you don’t blow up your hair tools.

 How do you stay energized and focused to do your best work?

SB; We aren’t much for partying or for the night life, so we tend to go to bed early and get up early.  Getting enough sleep helps a ton!  And I always make sure to drink lots of water and eat healthy meals and snacks.

It’s amazing what a difference those three things can make.

Any plans on expanding your Behind the Chair to make it regular or go international with them?

SB; Yeah I would love to go international with them!  So far it has gone really well, and we have several more shows scheduled. I’m excited to see where it goes!

Any specific Italy inspired hair or make-up planned for the bride or yourself while you’re there?

SB; The bride’s hair and makeup is definitely fit for a chic island wedding in ritzy Capri- beachy curls pinned up, voluminous ponytails with braids and soft brown eye makeup with pink lips.

We’re super stoked we got to catch Stephanie before her trip and get some advice. We can’t wait to see how her trip pans out on her blog. Buoni viaggi Stephanie!