Seattle: Behold the Latte Art

Any coffee lover wants to make a trip to Seattle for some of the best coffee.  But what about those cool designs in your cup? We’ve picked some of the coolest shops in town with foam art that is a whole latte fun! (see what I did there?) So without further ado, check out our tour of these five Seattle coffee shops and try to forgive us for the dad joke.

Moore Coffee

Bring your friends here on a leisure day and check out their Hello Kitty and Totoro  latte drawings. Nutella lovers, make sure you get the nutella mocha.


Street Bean Espresso 

If you’re looking for a hidden treasure coffee shop, this is the place to go in Seattle. Simple yet carefully done and beautiful latte art are just the beginning  Street Bean is a non profit that employs youths that have grown up in the streets to help them take back their lives. Coffee, art, and a mission makes it totally worth checking out.


Espresso Vivace Roasteria

Coffee art is already rad but what’s even cooler is being able to see it done right in front of you. This shop pours and creates right in front of you. Try a Cafe Nico or a Beautiful Stephanie.


Fremont Coffee 

May the roast be with you. Another coffee shop known for it’s wider range of latte art, you can get anything from a cat to Darth Vader. Not to mention a relaxing and vintage feel to rescue you from a rainy day.


Zoka Coffee 

With four different shops in Seattle this is a great regular coffee spot you can get to anywhere. Simple but fancy simple coffee art that will make you want to refrain from drinking it and just instagram it.

So next time you’re in Seattle check out one or all of these places. Get a dark roast so you can experience the dark side. Okay that’s the last joke, we promise. Get your coffee on!

What’s the coolest art you’ve seen in your latte? Let us know or tweet us a pic!