High Roller Las Vegas Suites We Wish We Could Afford

The guilty pleasure of looking at pictures of over the top things we could never afford in ten life times has long since taken over our lives. One of the most popular of these is probably living places. Because who doesn’t like longing for the 25 bathroom mansion or the ten thousand dollar a night hotel suite the guys from Hangover stayed in?

Travefy is here to fufill yet another one of those cravings with some ridiculously over the top high roller Las Vegas suites. Better start saving now and you might be able to afford a night by the time you’re 100.

1. Marcus Aurelius Villa

Caesars Palace-$25,000 a night

This bad boy gives you not only a baby grand piano but also an exotic fish tank. Because exotic fish are a must have if you’re going to be staying on the strip. Did I mention the whirpool hot tub on the balcony?

2. The Kingpin Suite

The Palms Casino Resort-$7,500 a night

You don’t even have to leave your room to have a good time here. Not only does it have a full sized bowling lane in the room it’s got a pool table, a bar, and huge entertainment system in it. It’s perfect for when you don’t feel like leaving, you can just have the fun come to you!

3. Sky Suites

Aria-Two floor: $20,000 a night One floor: $10,000 a night

Three bedrooms, five baths, a massage room, a fitness room, and 7,000 dollars a night. So it’s like a two floor better apartment than back home. Also private limo service. Stick your head out of the sunroof as you go down the strip for me.

4. The Hardwood Suite

The Palms Casino Resort-$25,000 a night

This one is for the major basketball lovers of the world. It’s a full sized basketball court that also includes a working scoreboard and a locker room. You can play out your NBA fantasy and kind of fulfill your dreams.

5. Sky Villa Hugh Hefner

The Palms Casino Resort-$40,000 a night

Playboy themed and basically a penthouse, this room has a glass encased jacuzzi that has room for about a dozen people. You could feel like Hugh for a night if you really wanted to. Depending on your tastes.

6. The Barbie Suite

The Palms Casino Resort-$3,000 a night

Channel your inner 7 year old self and make the dream of being in a life sized Barbie dream house real. This super pink room is every womans dream. Hopefully you find a Ken to go with it.

I think I’ll definitely be paying off college before I even think about staying at one of these since they are about the same price as a semester. My wallet is crying. Regardless it’s always nice to dream.

Ever stayed in any high rollers? Tell us about your experience in the comments!