Hair Essentials You Should Never Forget

Packing can be hard. Especially for us women. While we would like to take our entire bathroom with us, a second suitcase just for that purpose isn’t usually accepted. Even though it totally should be. Just like any other time we want to look our best.

Depending on where you go, some of your needs could change but I’ve put together a list of some hair essentials to minimize your packing but still help maximize your hair success.

Seasalt spray

Spraying some of this in your hair before it dries will keep your hair textured and wavy and save you from the time it takes to use a curling iron. Which totally gives you more time to enjoy your vacation with great picture ready hair.

Extra hair bands

Your favorite pony tail that has lasted you four years? Sorry to ruin your love affair but it’s just secretly been waiting for the most inconvenient time to snap on you. So packing back ups is a must on any trip whether you end up needed them or not.

Anything that you can put in your hair to dress up your messy bun, ponytail, ect is something to throw in your bag. Not only can it dress up your hair but it can also help you on the days your hair just won’t cooperate. And if you really can’t figure out your hair beanies are always acceptable.

Dry Shampoo

Traveling can get crazy and hastey. Sometimes showers don’t happen EVERY day. Don’t worry we all do it. Dry shampoo is the way to make it look like you did. Spray it on your roots and wah la, two minute shower. Did I mention day old hair holds style better? WIN.

Frizz relief

Whether it’s the cream or spray this will keep your hair from going super crazy in the humidity you may end up it. Also it helps smooth hair without having to take the time to use heat. It’s a great must have.

Bobby pins

One word; flyaways. Like I said sometimes hair just sucks and bobby pins are your godsend. Need I say more?


A very obvious thing that I probably don’t even need to say. But I guess you never know. You forget this and well, the rest of the stuff you brought aren’t gonna be much help.

Now obviously you can take more depending on your hair and the time limit on your trip. But keeping it simple and easy is one of the best ways to enjoy your trip. I mean who wants to worry about if their curls are falling out instead of looking at the Eiffel Tower?

What are your hair essentials for trips? Let us know in the comments!