Travel Photography 101

Gotcha! 10 Quick Travel Photography Tips

We all have that thrill of capturing every moment using our cameras. When you finally take on that dream trip and are living an outstanding adventure, all you want to do is immortalize the moment so you can share it with others.

Most of us are fond of making memories; that’s why photography has becoming a hobby to most individuals. Now to capture that perfect picture, here are ten quick tips about photography that will enhance your skills.

Travel Photography 101

1. A Good Camera

Whether it’s a digital camera or DSLR camera, both have their own functions. We need to consider here the price, speed, memory and -most of all- picture quality of a camera.

If you are into more advanced photography, you should get a DSLR camera since it has wider lenses and better image capturing ability. If you are on the go and need a handy and cheaper one, the digital camera is right for you.

2. Imagination

Form images in your mind and try to visualize the picture or image you are about to take.  Think of possible ways on how you could get that perfect shot and make your creative mind work! Unravel the limitless possibilities your imagination brings forth and embrace the wonders of deep photography.

3. Keep It Simple

Make sure you find a simple scene and avoid complex ones. Minimize a noisy background. Arrange your surroundings and make sure to have a clean background as much as possible. This would enhance the focus of your subject.

4. Lighting

Behind every great photograph is the sun.  Make sure you stand behind the sun or light of choice while taking shots. Avoid taking pictures against the lights. This would result in overexposed backgrounds and images.

One good strategy is taking pictures either during sunrise or sunset as the angle of the sun enhances your colors giving more compliments to your images.

5. Set the right theme

Know your environment and set up your ideal theme. In this manner you are able to enhance your concept. Locate your subject and make sure not to lose the focus on your subject.

6. Placement

You do not have to always center your theme in the image. Discover new frames and create movement to your image.  Don’t focus too much on the obvious; you never know, you just found out the perfect shot.

7. Zoom

Make sure that when you zoom, your camera’s still and don’t exceed your camera’s zoom limit. This would retain the image’s quality and resolution. Also, with the right zooming technique, you are able to create the right motion from your pictures. This takes a lot of practice and experimentation so you better start it now.

8. Angles

Use the right angles for your images. Make sure to find the perfect vantage point to enhance the focus on your subject. Shoot from top to bottom, left or right and identify which ones capture the spirit of your subject.

9. Take Multiple Shots

In this manner, you are able to pinpoint which ones you capture best. Each photo tells a story so you should be able to identify which ones to pick and which ones to delete. Never hesitate to erase those blurry and overexposed images.

10. Research

Try to look at some of other photographer’s works and from there, learn on how to shoot the perfect images. Read books and journals to enhance your skills.

Tourists snapping photos

Now that we have reviewed these photography tips together, time to grab your camera and put them all into practice. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself but remember: “photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding still.”- Dorothea Lange.

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