Budget Travel Abroad: How To Do It Right

If you’d love to travel to new and exciting places abroad but are tied down due to budget restraints, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some simple travel tips that will make your dreams of a budget travel abroad, a reality.

1. Choose your destination wisely

Some countries and cities are much more expensive than others. If you really want to enjoy budget travel abroad, choose cities that give you the most value for your money. You’d be surprised of all the top world destinations you could visit on the cheap.

But it does not mean that this has to condition the countries you should visit. Most prefered destinations can end up being very accessible during the off-season.  Do your research.

2. Don’t Spend All Your Money on the Flight

International flight tickets won’t take a huge hit on your wallet if you research well. All you need to do is get online and look around for the best deals available.

Check out travel websites like Orbitz, Skyscanner, Kayak, etc. for deals on flight tickets. Once you zero in on the cheapest flight, visit that airline’s own website. Chances are, you’ll be able to eliminate the third-party commissions and book your flight for less.

Keep in mind that it is commonly admitted that fares are cheaper the earlier you book and that some days — like Tuesday and Wednesday — as more favorable when trying to land deals. Read more on the best time to book a flight.

Also, remember that a round-trip ticket can cost a lot less than a one-way ticket. So even if you know that you won’t need the return ticket, book it to save. Furthermore, if you’re traveling to a far-off place, book a connecting flight instead of a direct one. Usually, the more stops you add, the more you’ll be able to save!

3. Book Everything early

Booking all that you can early, will definitely help you save a lot of money. So be sure to make hotel reservations and rent cars well in advance.

When it comes to trips and excursions to theme parks or other local attractions, look online early on for cheap tickets or web vouchers. Ticket agents may charge a separate fee, so use prices mentioned on the theme park’s website as a benchmark.

4. Pack Smart

If you don’t want to waste money on extra luggage, the only thing you can do is pack light. Consider how many days you’ll be away and only pack as many clothes as needed. Pack clothes that are light in weight and put on your heaviest items while traveling. This way, you won’t be charged extra.

When it comes to cosmetics and toiletries, avoid carrying everything with you. Find out if you’ll be provided with a hair dryer, towels, and toiletries where you’ll be staying so that you don’t have to pack these items. If you must carry your favorite perfume or face wash, buy smaller packs or get sample-sized freebies to lessen your burden.

5. Eat Right

No, this isn’t about sticking to your diet plan while you’re on vacation; you are certainly entitled to a few days off! However, be careful about what you eat; you don’t want to fall sick. Not only will it dampen your spirits, you could also end up shelling out a lot of money on healthcare.

Don’t let this precautionary warning make you stick to eating hotel breakfasts and lunches. They are bound to be expensive and you might not be able to taste local flavors. Instead, get out and choose street-side eateries that are packed with locals. Also try tourist favorite restaurants.

If you choose to dine out, eat a heavy breakfast or lunch as they’ll be easier on your pocket than dinners. Remember to eat local and seasonal items as these will be cheaper. If you find the food too expensive, go grocery shopping and cook your own meals if possible. You’ll see many new ingredients and also get the chance to experiment in the kitchen!

6. Choose Your Lodging

A hotel is not the only place you can stay comfortably at; hostels and B&Bs can make your stay comfortable for a lot less money. What’s more, they can offer you a better cultural experience!

If you must stay at a hotel, remember that hotels in big cities will be costly. Consider staying at a hotel in a small town close to the city you wish to tour to slash accommodation costs.

7. Watch Out

The biggest way you can save money is by not losing it! So be wary of strangers and be on your guard when in crowded places. Also avoid deserted areas and drink responsibly if traveling alone.

When shopping at street-side shops, don’t buy anything at the first price you’re offered. Put more thought into buying souvenirs; more often than not, such goods are mass produced in other countries and lack the authenticity that you’d want.

Buy items that are an accurate representation of the place you’re visiting so that you’ll have something to look at and reminisce of the wonderful times.

Budget travel abroad does not have to be impossible. In fact, as you can see, these simple travel tips and tricks will make your dreams of international travel a reality. What are your favorite international travel hacks? Tell us more about it in the comments.

About the author

Korie Cantor is a travel blogger who has been working as a freelance writer for a long time and also writes regular articles for Freebies.